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EOC Practice

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EOC Practice
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EOC Practice

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  1. EOC Practice

    Conversation Starters
  2. Declaration of Independence (1) Read the first paragraph of the Declaration of Independence and summarize it in your own words. What is the purpose of this document?
  3. Declaration of Independence (2) Read the second paragraph of the Declaration. What is an “unalienable right”? What are the unalienable rights that Thomas Jefferson lists? How does this justify the American Revolution?
  4. What can you infer from this photo?
  5. What is going on in this photo?
  6. Alexis de Tocqueville “Many important observations suggest themselves upon the social condition of the Anglo-Americans, but there is one which takes precedence of all the rest. The social condition of the Americans is eminently democratic; this was its character at the foundation of the Colonies, and is still more strongly marked at the present day. I have stated in the preceding chapter that great equality existed among the emigrants who settled on the shores of New England. The germ of aristocracy was never planted in that part of the Union.” Summarize the main points in your own words.
  7. Alexis de Tocqueville "...I know of no other country where love of money has such a grip on men's hearts or where stronger scorn is expressed for the theory of permanent equality of property." Summarize in your own words and indicate whether you agree or not.
  8. What is happening in this picture?
  9. What is this graph about? What facts can you list that can be learned from this graph?
  10. What information is on this graph?
  11. What is this?
  12. What is this? What can you tell me?
  13. Analyze this cartoon.
  14. Analyze this cartoon.
  15. The Sweatshop by Morris Rosenfeld The machines are so wildly noisy in the shopThat I often forget who I am.I get lost in the frightful tumult —My self is destroyed, I become a machine.I work and work and work endlessly —I create and create and createWhy? For whom? I don’t know and I don’t ask.What business has a machine thinking? Summarize this song. What two questions would you ask Mr. Rosenfeld if you were to interview him. What perspective does this song present?
  16. From “The Gospel of Wealth” the best means of benefiting the community is to place within its reach the ladders upon which the aspiring can rise-free libraries, parks, and means of recreation, by which men are helped in body and mind; works of art, certain to give pleasure and improve the general condition of the people; in this manner returning their surplus wealth to the mass of their fellows in the forms best calculated to do them lasting good.
  17. What story does this quote tell? These men [buffalo hunters] have done more in the last two years, and will do in the next year, more to settle the vexed Indian question than the entire regular Army has done in the last thirty years. They are destroying the Indians' commissary; it is well known that an army losing its base of supplies is placed at a great disadvantage. For the sake of lasting peace, let them kill, skin, and sell until the buffaloes are exterminated. Then your prairies can be covered with speckled cattle and festive cowboy, who follows the hunter as a second forerunner of an advanced civilization. --Gen. Philip Sheridan, 1874
  18. Create a brief story told by this map.
  19. Cross of Gold Speech “….and my friends, it is simply a question that we shall decide upon which side shall the Democratic Party fight. Upon the side of the idle holders of idle capital, or upon the side of the struggling masses? That is the question that the party must answer first; and then it must be answered by each individual hereafter. The sympathies of the Democratic Party, as described by the platform, are on the side of the struggling masses, who have ever been the foundation of the Democratic Party.” What group is the speaker addressing?
  20. Muckrakers
  21. Triangle Shirtwaist Fire
  22. 19th Amendment
  23. Realism
  24. What is implied by this headline?
  25. Alfred Thayer Mahan Having therefore no foreign establishments, either colonial or military, the ships of war of the United States, in war, will be like land birds, unable to fly far from their own shores. To provide resting-places for them, where they can coal and repair, would be one of the first duties of a government proposing to itself the development of the power of the nation at sea.... The question is eminently one in which the influence of the government should make itself felt, to build up for the nation a navy which, if not capable of reaching distant countries, shall at least be able to keep clear the chief approaches to its own.
  26. Henry Cabot Lodge The independence of the United States is not only more precious to ourselves, but to the world, than any single possession. Is there any country today on the face of the earth which can compare with this in ordered liberty, in peace, and in freedom? I will go as far as anyone in world service that the first step to world service is the maintenance of the United States. You may call me selfish if you will, I have loved but one flag and I cannot share that devotion and give affection to the mongrel banner invented for a League of Nations. Beware how you trifle with your marvelous inheritance -- this great land of ordered liberty. For if we stumble and fall, freedom and civilization everywhere will go down in ruin.