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Industrial Fasteners Manufacturers Delhi, Suppliers India PowerPoint Presentation
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Industrial Fasteners Manufacturers Delhi, Suppliers India

Industrial Fasteners Manufacturers Delhi, Suppliers India

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Industrial Fasteners Manufacturers Delhi, Suppliers India

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  1. Industrial Fasteners: How Best They Can Fix Things The industrial fasteners are widely used for various applications. These are widely employed in different industries like automobile, machinery, production, instrumentation, etc. The hardware family is full of different members like the nuts, the bolts, the screws, the washers, etc. Let me discuss the members one by one. The most important member of the hardware family is the nuts. These are basically the female members and are widely used along with the bolts. Their functioning can only be understood only after studying their mechanical structure. The nuts are widely manufactured using stainless steel material. They contain the hole and their inner surface contains the tracks. When these are used along with the bolts, then the tracks on their surface get fixed with the tracks of the bolt. This fixing produces frictional forces which counter the vibrational and other forces. Another member of this family is the screw. These have similar structure as that of bolts but they have pointed tail. These are widely used in the production industry where their tail gets inserted in the surface of the other mechanical part. Let me discuss another member of this family. It is washer fasteners. These are used in between the nuts and the bolts. These help in holding two different surfaces firmly.

  2. The industrial fasteners manufacturers are using premium grade material to develop their range. They are using stainless steel as material to manufacture these. This alloy is manufactured using different materials like chromium, nickel, nitrogen, carbon, etc. These elements when combined together, offer high tensile strength, resistance against corrosion, etc. Contact Details Contact Name: Mr. Sidharth Jain Mobile: +91-9818958213 Phone: +91-11-23213016, +91-11-27429776 Address: 2628, Hudson Line, Kingsway Camp, Delhi-110009, India Email: Website: