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Water Damage

At Swift Restoration we often see first-hand how devastating water damage can be. Swift technicians are available 24*7. If you need a Swift response for water damage repair in Layton then you can count on us!

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Water Damage

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  1. Water Damage Flooding and the resultant water damage that comes from it can bring to you a slew of problems. It can structurally damage your home and ruin your possessions. However, the hazards stemming from water damage are much more far-reaching than just to your home. There are many potential risks to your health that water damage can bring. Below are a few of those potential hazards. First, though, it is important that you contact qualified restoration contractors to begin the water damage cleanup process as soon as possible after any flooding occurs. In the Clearfield, Utah area, Swift Restoration and Remodeling is here and qualified to restore your home back to its original condition. Mold Growth The potential for mold to grow throughout your home after a flood is one of the most important reasons that you get things cleaned up as soon as possible to prevent the damage from becoming significant. Standing water left in your home will cause mold to grow on the outside of your wall, ceilings, etc. That is bad enough, but the real threat comes from the mold that grows underneath your walls and ceiling. This occurs when the moisture from the flood water has been there long enough that it seeps in past the surface. This type of mold growth is much more difficult to stop and eradicate because you can’t see it and you have to get into your walls to clean it up. Unseen Structural Damage This result of water damage can potentially be the most dangerous of all other hazards. It’s not likely to happen, but flood water can lead to serious structural damage to your home that you can’t visibly see. If the damage is serious enough, it could even cause part of your home to collapse, which, if you are there when it happens could even be fatal. Toxic Floodwater When your home is flooded, there is often much more brought into your home than just water. Hazardous microbes and bacteria are likely to accompany the flood water. There may be toxic sewage that is mixed in with the water that can cause serious health risks and diseases. It is absolutely critical that you do your best to stay out of contact with the floodwater and if you must be around it, wear the appropriate protective clothing. This is a big reason why it’s important to hire a professional restoration company to clean things up for you. You don’t want to risk your health or your safety to clean up and restore your home after a flood. Now that you better understand the additional hazards brought on by water damage, it’s important that you waste no time to get it cleaned up as soon as the damage occurs. This will provide further water damage repair services to your home and keep you safe. If you are in the Clearfield area, you can rely on Swift Restoration and Remodeling to get the job done right for you.

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