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  1. Ideas for games to play at home Hangman Hangman is a game that the children love to play at school. Play this game using words children need practice with or perhaps topic related words. You could use it to practise your child’s spellings for the week. Snap! This is another game that the children love. Simply make several sets of word cards (say 5 lots of 5 words) , shuffle them and play snap. Extend this by saying your child can only win the cards if they can say the word. maganars Anagrams Challenge your child to unscramble anagrams. You could mix up the letters of your child’s current spellings and challenge them to put the letters in the correct order. It is a good idea to write the letters on separate pieces of paper so your child can move them around.

  2. I Spy • This simple game can be adapted ito help your child hear sounds in words. • The classic “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with “a”. • I spy something that rhymes with “hair”etc. Parking Game You will need a small toy car and a grid of “parking spaces”, each containing a word. Ask your child to drive the car and park in the spot with a particular word in. like she you was go the into have

  3. Words on Bricks words on bricks and play at making sentences. They could be silly or funny, anything that will interest your child in reading. An extension of this could be to ask your child to cover their sentence, write it and then check if they got ot right. Fiddle sticks. Write key words on lolly sticks. How many can your child read in a minute?

  4. Websites