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Put the face back in Interface PowerPoint Presentation
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Put the face back in Interface

Put the face back in Interface

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Put the face back in Interface

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  1. Put the face back in Interface Making the most of online and offline recruitment

  2. Agenda • What do companies want? • What do candidates want? • Its worked before, why change? • The role of technology in finding talent • The role of the recruiter in finding talent • Building a talent community • Generational challenges • Thought leadership – what is it and how • Good recruiters views on both – what are the essentials

  3. What do companies want? • To be the ‘Employer of choice’ • Direct recruitment via their own website • Talent acquisition always part of their strategy • Agency spend is not – the more they can achieve directly the better the result • Agencies are only useful if they can provide someone the company can’t find themselves – unique talent • A recruiter must have the skills it takes to convert this unique talent into an employee

  4. What do candidates want? • Valued & Respected • Transparency • Feedback and results • Expertise • Credibility • Access to companies they can’t reach directly • Partnership • A relevant network • Honesty • The best job with the least fuss

  5. Its worked before, why change?

  6. The role of technology • Create the ‘brand’ that attracts the best talent • Sourcing candidates is easier for everybody • Your USP as a recruiter is finding different candidates • Your expertise is in bringing your candidates to the hiring table • Your edge is creating a personal and company brand that resonates with your market • Technology and social media are the tool to access the talent not the end game

  7. The role of the recruiter • Agency - Your client will only pay you for finding talent they cannot find themselves • In-House - Your internal Hiring Managers are expecting you to find them talent • If you have the right talent your business will grow • The quality of the talent you attract and your ability to work with them defines your success

  8. How to build a talent community • Networking is key • Be yourself • Engage with people • Don’t overcomplicate it • Make sure your professional image is consistent • Connect with your contacts • Get out there

  9. Generational challenges • Digital expertise, networking, soft skills are all important in becoming a talent magnet • Generation Y recruiters are not comfortable with calling, meetings and networking • Generation X recruiters are not always able to embrace new technologies • What about Generation Z?

  10. ‘Thought Leadership’ • Thought leaders advance the marketplace of ideas by positioning actionable, commercially relevant, research-backed, new points of view • This means that you need to differentiate your organization and yourself with compelling points of view that are intriguing, innovative, inspiring – and wholly relevant to your audience

  11. ‘Thought Leadership’ • Truly powerful thought leadership campaigns are embedded into the culture of the organization; they’re not simply communication “add-ons.” • The most effective thought leadership initiatives empower all employees by inspiring and supporting them to become campaign ambassadors.

  12. Building your Company Brand • What is your Talent Attraction Strategy? • What does your public profile say about? • What do your own staff say about you? • What are you doing to stand out from the crowd? • Take a look in the mirror – are you where you want to be?

  13. 47% • 31%

  14. Successful recruiters- views on both • Face to face whenever possible • Service and delivery always important • Interpersonal skills – empathy understanding warmth, listening • Experts in the niche • Network stronger than any competitor • Know their market intimately • Never rely on job boards • Proactive, delivery focus • Use whatever tool reaches the candidate – old and new! • The right candidate opens any door – the candidate is the unique asset