welcome to kingsbury n.
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Welcome to Kingsbury! PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to Kingsbury!

Welcome to Kingsbury!

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Welcome to Kingsbury!

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  1. Welcome to Kingsbury!

  2. The Kingsbury guide to style.(and other things you need to know for a great year)

  3. Dress Code: Head coverings • No full head coverings (except for religious head coverings) Try again, Jennifer… Rihanna rocks a uniform-approved ‘do!

  4. Dress Code: Shirts • Shirts should… • Be white • Have a collar • Not have ANY logos. Win! Try again…

  5. Dress Code: Keep it modest. Need one extra button for Kingsbury, cowgirl! Keep it classy like Janelle Monae.

  6. Dress Code: Jackets • Jackets can be white, tan, black, or blue. • Must be free of logos. Will keep you warm at the movies, but not at KHS. She’s prepared for the overactive AC.

  7. Dress Code: Pants • Pants AND leggings can be khaki, blue, or black. • Must be free of rivets. [What on earth is a rivet?!?] Those metal things on your blue jeansthat get HOT whenyour pants come out of the dryer.

  8. Dress Code: Skirts • Must touch the patella (your knee cap) • Slits can be as long as your index finger Nope. Yes ma’am!

  9. Dress code: Shoes • Heels can be up to 1 ½ inches. • Must have back strap. • No house shoes. Tell your teacher where you got them. Leave them at home.

  10. Silence during announcements. Always.

  11. Bathroom Protocol • Must stay clean to remain open. • To keep it clean and functioning: adslkNotify a teacher when the bathroom is out of soap or toilet paperand Dispose of all feminine products and other trash in a trash can.

  12. Bathroom Protocol • The alternative to keeping the bathroom clean:

  13. Bathroom Protocol • You will have 2 bathroom passes per quarter in each class. • You may ask to go to the restroom during the middle 15 minutes of class. [Never ask during the first 15 or last 15 minutes. It’s school policy.] • Only one student may leave class at a time.

  14. Hallway Protocol: • Walk on the right side to avoid traffic jams.

  15. Things not to touch during class: • Electronics • Food or drink (except water) • Cosmetics (makeup, mirror, brush, nail polish) Do these things at home. In class, keep all brain space free for focusing!

  16. Your teachers dismiss you from class (instead of the bell).

  17. Fire Drill Procedure • A responsible student starts a single-file line at the door inside the classroom. Pause until all are at the door and silent. • When the teacher signals, walk calmly to the baseball field. • No running or pushing at any time. • Line up according to the lines on the baseball field. • Stay with your class, in line. • Wait for upperclassmen to go back in. • Return in a single-file line with your teacher.

  18. Fire Drill Procedure • Classes in cafeteria maintain silence and wait for instructions.

  19. Auditorium Procedure • Line up single-file on the wall and wait for teacher to lead. • We’ll cut across the breezeway, go out the front, and walk to the auditorium. • Sit the way you come in; do not skip seats or rows. Aaa • What sort of audience would you want if you were giving a speech?Be that audience. • Return as you came. adf *Inappropriate behavior = one verbal warning. Next step: phone call home.

  20. Map of KHS •

  21. Conduct Code: Category A • Offenses: • Aggravated assault resulting in injury. • Possession, sale, or evidence of use of drugs at school or at a school-sponsored activity. • Possession of a firearm on school property or at a school-sponsored activity • Penalty: • Expulsion/Suspension for 180 days

  22. Conduct Code: Category B • Offenses: • Possession of a knife or any lethal weapon, Taser, or explosive • Evidence of drinking or possession of alcohol • Off-campus criminal behavior resulting in a felony • Gang activities (gang graffiti, gang signs, cell phones with gang-related messages, and language that is intimidating) • Evidence or use of possession of drug paraphernalia. • Possession or use of counterfeit money • Assault on any school employee • Penalty: • Out-of-Suspension • Expulsion (11-180 days)

  23. Conduct Code: Category C • Offenses: • Threatening bodily harm to school personnel (including sending a threat electronically) • Making a threat to use a bomb, dynamite, or any destructive device • Smoking and/or possession of tobacco products • Any gang activities not mentioned in Category B • Attacking another student • Intentional damage to property of the school or people at school • Stealing (regardless of intent to return) • Immoral or disreputable conduct • Penalty: • In-School Suspension • Out-of-School Suspension

  24. Conduct Code: Category D • Offenses: • Defiant attitude or disobedience toward school staff • Vulgar, profane, or rude remarks or non-verbal action to staff or students • Physical or verbal intimidation or threats to other students (includes electronics) • Fighting (unless acting in defense of yourself or another) • Possession of mace or other disabling sprays • Inappropriate use of electronic media (all calls, texts, camera phones, etc.) • Sexual, racial, ethnic, or religious harassment or discrimination • Bullying, intimidation, and harassment • Refusal to produce and object identified by metal detectors • Encouraging others to commit offences in categories A-C • Penalty: • Parent-Principal Conference Detention or Saturday School • In-School Suspension Out-of-School Suspension

  25. Conduct Code: Category E • Offenses: • Habitual and/or excessive tardiness • Class cutting • Intentional disturbance of class, cafeteria or school activities • Leaving school grounds without permission • Being in an unauthorized area without permission • Tampering with grades or report cards • Possession of lighters or matches • Using electronic devices during school • Dress code violations • Penalty: • Parent-Principal conference • Detention or Saturday School • In-School Suspension

  26. What is bullying? • Any act at school or at a school-sponsored activity that has the effect of: • Harming a student or that student’s property • Knowingly placing a studentin fear of physical harm or damage to the student’s property • Causing emotional distress to a student • Creating a hostile educational environment.

  27. What else is considered harassment? • Defining a student in a sexual manner. • Damaging the reputation of a student by allegations of sexual promiscuity. • Behavior motivated by any actual or perceived characteristic • For example: race, color, religion, ancestry, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, a mental, physical, or sensory disability, socio-economic or familial status.

  28. This includes cyber-bullying. • Use good sense and care on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and in text messages. Think B4 U tweet!

  29. What are the consequences for bullying? • The principal can choose. Here are the options: • Parent-Principal Conference • Detention or Saturday School • In-School Suspension • Out-of-School Suspension

  30. How to Report Bullying (or other inappropriate behavior) • Victims of bullying or harassment can report incidents to a teacher, principal, or counselor. • ANY inappropriate or illegal activities (bullying, theft, drug or weapon possession, etc.)can be reported online to… • • Or a text to 274637 (You will be asked for a code; the code is SCS. Then start typing the message.)

  31. Call to attention (and life truth!) Say it… repeat it… believe it! It’s your freshman year. You have nowhere to go but up.

  32. Navigating KHS

  33. Navigating KHS upstairs