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Alice’s Facebook Page

Alice’s Facebook Page

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Alice’s Facebook Page

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  1. Alice’s Facebook Page By Christina Hogan

  2. Alice from Queen Mary R.I.P Queen Mary! <3 me and Lady Clarencewill miss you!! Lady Clarence Mine eyes are dim again when is mary’s funeral?! 1 min. ago * Delete View Photos of Me (1,809) Alice November 24… :( england could have had the mightiest empire earth has knownn 1 sec. ago * DeleteCountess De Ferialikes this. Edit My Profile Birthday: June 14 Siblings: Lady Clarence Mistress Ford Current City: London, England Recent Activity Lady Clarence answered a question about you: Do you think Alice is a loyal friend? Yeahh we are the best ladies in waiting everr Alice is now friends with Countess de FeriaandMistress Ford Alice wrote on King Phillip’s wall 206 See All Alice will be attending Queen Mary’s Funeral on November 24th Alice is now single.

  3. Likes and Groups: I never carry weapons with me LOL jkimalice Replacing the canvas ur queen cut out Always having a knife with u Become a fan to see this hilarious picture of Countess Feria! I hate it when ur queen goes crazy and dies right in front of you I don’t like 27 year old boys LOL jkimmary’s lady in waiting Being a lady in waiting Comforting my queen Always having a knife with you 27 year old boys “The Queen is Dead” by the Smiths Thomas Campion (English Composer) “The Tudors” on Show Time P.S. I love youQueen Mary’s Life The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory Ladies in Waiting for Dummies “Lack of loyalty is one of the major causes of failure in every walk of life” “Take heed, take heed! The blade is keen as death!”

  4. Friends of Alice from Queen Mary Lady Clarence Princess Elizabeth Uranie Queen Mary Mistress Ford Countess De Feria