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By Thomas Bowen

The Merchant of Venice - Research. By Thomas Bowen. Famous Venice.

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By Thomas Bowen

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  1. The Merchant of Venice - Research By Thomas Bowen

  2. Famous Venice Historians have agreed that Venice’s first population were refugees from Roman cities which surrounded Venice. Roman sources also revealed that there were fishermen on the islands which were near Venice in the original marshy lagoons. Venice at one point became a part of the Roman/Byzantine territory.

  3. Elizabethan times During the Elizabethan period Venice gained a reputation for being both grave and glamorous. At the time Venice was known by 3 nicknames, “Venice the Wise” because of the political wisdom and dedication for peace in Venice, “Venice the just” because the severe but impartial laws in the city, and “Venice the Rich” because of the spectacular wealth Venice got thanks to its Geological position.

  4. Why would Shakespeare choose this as his setting? Venice was famous for its wealth, laws, and politics so at the time the rulers of Venice would have been busy with the massive income of money and the issues in the government at that time. So this would mean that inconspicuous thieves and dealers would profit from this as this meant that the rulers of Venice would be busy dealing with the money and politics so the thieves and dealers wouldn’t have been caught easily.


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