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Open Value Subscription

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Open Value Subscription
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Open Value Subscription

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  1. Open Value Subscription

  2. Agenda • Overview • Pricing and Program Comparison: • Open Value Subscription • Open Value • Open Business • Customer Value • Summary and Resources

  3. Overview

  4. Today's market

  5. What is Open Value Subscription • Member of the “Open” Family • Open Value Subscription • Open Value • Open Business • Starting an Open Value Subscription agreement: • Minimum of 5 desktops • Minimum of one Platform Product CompanyWide • Works the same way as Open Value CompanyWide Customer must choose a minimum of one platform product to license across the company • For customers preferring to subscribe (or rent/lease) instead of buying perpetually (owning)

  6. Open Value Subscription in action

  7. Easy as 1-2-3 1. Choose one Product • License a minimum of one Platform product CompanyWide • Referred to as “CompanyWide Non Platform” (up to 10% discount) 2. Consider broader business needs • Additional great discounts are offered when licensing three Platform products CompanyWide • Referred to as “CompanyWide Platform” (up to 23% discount) 3. Simply count desktop PCs once a year • For platform products place an annual purchase order for the “current” number of desktop PCs at each anniversary. • “True-up” (add licenses) or “true-down” (reduce the number of licenses) as needed! Qualified Desktop Definition: “A personal computer that meets the minimum technical specifications to run any product. Qualified Desktops are not: 1. Servers 2. Computers running only specialised line of business software or 3. Computers running embedded operating systems.”

  8. Platform Products Licensing products other than those listed above? Products such as Servers etc may be licensed in any quantity within the same Open Value Subscription agreement, and are referred to as ‘additional products’. Additional products are simply ordered as needed, and paid for by the end of the month of deployment.

  9. Open Value Subscription benefits • Low upfront costs. Annual payments • “True-up” (add licenses) or “true-down” (reduce number of licenses) for any products each anniversary • For Platform products, add additional desktops during the year and pay nothing until the next agreement anniversary - At the anniversary simply count your desktop PCs- place a purchase order for the “current” PC number. Easy! • Non CompanyWide products, no need to order until end of the month of install • Everything on a single agreement • Online tools for viewing purchase history and downloading products • Buyout option for those wishing to own software licenses upon agreement expiry • All licenses include Software Assurance • Up to 50% off in year one with “Up-to-Date” discount

  10. Up to date (UTD) Discount of up to 50% For Platform Products only Programmatic benefit for Open Value Subscription Gives customers credit for past purchases of Microsoft products and avoids double payment for the same licenses Up to 50% “UP TO DATE” Discount (UTD) in year 1 of 3 year Open Value Subscription agreement Criteria: Customer must have a qualifying version of the product listed through OEM, FPP, or Volume Licensing Proof of purchase may be required when UTD skus are purchased Updated eligible products in Microsoft Product List:

  11. Three options at end of agreement: Renew for another three years under Open Subscription 2. Let Open Value Subscription Agreement expire. Would no longer have licensing rights to any software received through Open Value Subscription and would need to uninstall and cease using the software. 3. Elect to ‘buyout’ the licenses Buy-out fee is 1.75 X annual fee. Customer can then enroll perpetual licenses into Software Assurance within 30 days of the expiration of the Open Value Subscription Agreement.

  12. “Up to date” qualifying products

  13. Buyout Order Process • The buyout SKUs are on the price list Have “Each” in the Purchase Unit column or product description e.g. Office Pro 2003 All Lng OLV NL Each Ent. • Customer can choose to buy out: • Platform products: All qualified desktops covered by the orders placed during the final year of the agreement term. • Additional products: Any quantity of additional products ordered during the final year of the agreement. • Buyout License will be for the most current version • If a customer is licensed for the professional version of a product, then they cannot buy-out the Standard version of the product • Buyout order must be at least 30 days before expiration date

  14. Open ProgramsComparison

  15. Three Open Programs available:

  16. Pricing Comparison

  17. Programs meeting unique needs

  18. Program Comparison: Agreement Term

  19. Program Comparison: Purchasing Options

  20. Program Comparison: Benefits

  21. Program Comparison - details:

  22. Summary & Resources

  23. Consider Proactive Licensing • Reactive = immediate need. Often stress/time constrained, budget constrained. • Proactive = looking at things long term • Understand the business benefits of the technology. • Choose a licensing STRATEGY. Understand options. • Compare licensing options over a 6 year period. • Consider tax effects on purchasing. Use of money etc • Need SA? Always Open Value. Open Business = License only • Buying individual CALs? Consider the suite. Look long term. • There is a minimum way to buy and a best way to buy

  24. If you remember only three things... Open Value Subscription • Subscribe to software 2. Increase or decrease (any) licenses annually 3. Count annually. Pay Annually (companywide products)

  25. Resources • Open Value Subscription: 1 pager • Open Value Customer Reference Guide • Open Value Subscription Web site • PowerPoint presentation

  26. Questions?