the way of the cross n.
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The Way of the Cross PowerPoint Presentation
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The Way of the Cross

The Way of the Cross

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The Way of the Cross

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  1. The Way of the Cross Please take time and reflect upon the questions posed in this presentation.

  2. Jesus is condemned to death. How often have we condemned others without even thinking?

  3. Jesus is forced to carry the Cross. We place burdens on others and sometimes, ourselves.

  4. Jesus falls the first time. At times, we allow peer pressure to influence us. Perhaps we have done this too.

  5. Jesus sees his mother • How often do we upset our parents/guardians without realising it?

  6. Simon helps Jesus to carry the Cross How often do we not see that our friends are in need of support?

  7. Veronica wipes the face of Jesus. Have you ever turned away from someone who wanted to help you?

  8. Jesus falls a second time. Do you secretly know when to stop a certain behaviour, but are too scared to make a move?

  9. Jesus speaks to the weeping women. Do you find it difficult to talk things through when things go wrong?

  10. Jesus falls a third time. Do you feel like running away from it all when it gets too much?

  11. Jesus is stripped of his garments. Have you ever embarrassed anyone deliberately? Has this been done to you?

  12. Jesus is nailed to the Cross. Has anyone ever bullied you online? Have you ever done this? It hurts…

  13. Jesus dies on the Cross. Death is a painful part of life. Let your friends be there for you, when you lose someone.

  14. Jesus is taken down from the Cross. Sometimes, we need to allow people to hold us up, in life. Say how you feel.

  15. Jesus’ body is laid in the tomb. Life is changed, not ended…