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yacht charter

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  1. If you decide to relax on the sea coast and have a good time not only at the hotel, but also on the water, as well as visit all the best resort beaches, visit the islands, you know - such an opportunity exists. You may also want to arrange a bright and fun party with friends, or you can relax from the noise and make a romantic date with your loved one in a quiet bay. All this can be done in an excellent and original way – yacht renting. The first step is choosing a yacht So, you have already decided exactly how you want to relax. Now you need to choose the most important thing - a yacht. And here you have a lot of opportunities - you can rent a vessel of absolutely any size. From a cozy mini- yacht or boat with a motor for one or two people, to a two or three-masted sailing vessel for a large company to celebrate a birthday or a wedding. Large and comfortable vessels have a lot of amenities for relaxation in their arsenal: air yacht charter conditioning, bathing platforms, high-quality sound equipment (well, to “rock the crowd” or create a romantic atmosphere for two) and much more, right up to the helipad. The choice of a vessel depends only on your goals and financial capabilities. For outdoor relax, renting a sailing yacht is best. The advantage of sailing is that you don’t have to worry about the extra cost of gas and you can just enjoy leisurely sailing in the wind. Fans of more modern vessels can rent catamaran or trimaran. They can be sailing, or with gasoline or diesel engines, which allows you to develop a fairly high speed. A distinctive feature of these boats is the floating base, connected to each other, which increases the dimensions of the vessel, but allows you to get more space on the deck, and also reduces the negative impact of pitching, making the rest more comfortable. The second step is choosing a route This is where all the advantages of owning a ship are revealed, even if you rent it for a while. At your disposal literally any route that you can imagine. Only you decide where to go. There are a lot of recommended by tourists and checked routes, but no one and nothing can stop you from laying your own route, visiting exactly those places that are interesting to you. A couple of points to consider when making a route: ● Season - you need to know the weather at place where you plan to go. Check weather reports for your planned travel time so you don't get caught in a storm. ● The official borders of countries - they must always be remembered. Different countries have their own visiting features; find out these conditions. ● Fairways - read the maps to avoid obstacles and shallow water along the route. Third step - take everything you need First of all, documents. “You're a just an insect without a paper, while with one you're a man”. (c) - this statement is true, for traveling you must have the necessary package of documents collected. This is a standard list: passports, visas, driver license, other licenses and certificates. Double-check that everything is okay with the documents. It is also important to consider that if you rent a yacht, then licenses are the responsibility of the owner of the

  2. yacht, not the renter. Necessary personal things on a yacht: ● Personal hygiene products ● Sun protection ● Bathing accessories and clothes, shoes ● First-aid kit (just in case, it is better to take your own set of medicines that is familiar to you) Separate and important thing is shoes. It is not recommended to take shoes with heels and with a dark sole. Many landlords ask to clean the boat after the rent, and a dark sole can leave marks on the deck, which is difficult to get rid of. A sharp and hard heel can damage the surface. Remember that yacht or boat, like any vehicle, has a limited amount of luggage space. It is not necessary to take a large number of things with you. It is better to pack everything in soft bags, backpacks - they take up less space than suitcases made of hard materials. How much does it cost to rent a yacht? The price of a yacht charter is often indicated per week. The cost can start from $ 500 and reach several thousand and even tens of thousands, depending on the class of the yacht, technical equipment, as well as additional options and wishes of the renter. Obviously, the cost of renting a vessel with a team and staff will be higher. For small yachts at around $ 250-300 per day. Yacht rental cost by type: ● Motor yacht - from $ 8,000 per week, depending on season and country ● Sailing yacht - about $ 2,000 with a capacity of 6-8 people

  3. ● Luxury yacht - from $ 50,000 and more Any yacht charter requires an agreement with the landlord / owner of the yacht. Management company can also be a landlord. The document indicates the rental conditions, terms, cost and all additional options - the completeness of the bar, menu and entertainment (DJ, animators or even an orchestra), as well as any other wishes of the renter. Only your budget can act as a limitation of your imagination. Most landlords prefer to indicate the full prepayment for the services provided in the contract, and if they were not fully claimed for the rental period, they return the unused part of the payment. The cost of fuel is a separate item of expenses. For small motor yachts, on average, it will be about $ 120 per hour, and for sailing ships at least $ 250 per week. Also, at your request, you can take on board a certain amount of food and drink. Pitfalls of yacht renting Weekly rental - this is due solely to the economic benefit for the landlord. Usually rent from Saturday to Saturday. Cleaning and customscosts under the terms of the contract on the renter's side. Number of passengers - an obligatory point in the contract. It depends on the capacity of the yacht. The condition applies to voyages, while parking at the port a slight overload is allowed. This is all negotiated with the landlord. Charter a yacht together- sometimes such options are possible, i.e. several groups of people agree to rent a boat together. For example, if you are 2 people, and in another group 6, but the vessel can accommodate 8 or more, then you rent one cabin. This is significantly cheaper, but you understand that besides you, there will be other people on board as well, except for the captain and crew. Captain himself Chartering a yacht without a captain and crew is a very tempting idea. You can feel like a real "sea wolf", relax without other people. For this type of rent, you need to have the license to steer small vessels (international certificates). Perhaps if you do not have such license, and you are possible to rent a boat without a captain, then think about the consequences of such actions. This is more serious than driving a car without driver license. Both in the form of law responsibility, and alsobecause of personal safety and the safety of others. It is not difficult to get license in Russia - there are specialized schools, like driving schools in many cities. After completing the training course and passing the exams, you are the captain and you will be issued a special international certificate for the steering of small vessels. So, are you ready? If you already want to go on a sea voyage, then you need to start looking for a yacht as early as possible - preferably in a month. Then, you are guaranteed to be able to choose the ideal option for yourself according to the ratio of price and your wishes for comfort and rental conditions.

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