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The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon PowerPoint Presentation
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The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon

The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon

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The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon

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  1. The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon Kate Edmonds Brooke A. Lafave Caitlin Silva Courtney Boardman

  2. About the Establishment • The Looking Glass Hair and Nail Salon was established in February 1997 by Chris Noel • Ms. Noel employs 3 other people: 2 hairdressers & 1 nail technician • It is a family salon that focuses on catering to children • Offers refreshments

  3. Problem Statement Research is necessary to identify how The Looking Glass Hair and Nail Salon can expand business to Franklin Pierce College students

  4. Research Objectives Advertising Awareness: Determine effective marketing communication strategies that attract Franklin Pierce College Students Atmosphere: Determine atmospherics that appeal to Franklin Pierce College Students Pricing: Identify appropriate pricing strategies for Franklin Pierce College Students

  5. Methodology Determined Population: 1,574 undergraduate students at Franklin Pierce College on the Rindge Campus Determined Sample Size: 120 students Ratio of Surveys: 2/3 female, 1/3 male Identified Sample- Convenience Sample: we each handed out 30 surveys to our classmates

  6. Assumptions We hoped to increase our respondent control by personally distributing the surveys in class • Individuals gave appropriate feedback and were honest • Each person filled out their own responses based upon their own thoughts and feelings • They were educated enough to understand our questions and provide accurate responses

  7. Survey Have you heard of The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon? Are you loyal to one specific hair salon? If The Looking Glass Hair & Nail Salon offered student rate packages would you be willing to patronize their business? How much on average do you spend on your hair cut? Do you get your nails done professionally? While at Franklin Pierce, where would you be most responsive to advertisements for local businesses? TV (1) Local Newspapers (2) Pierce Arrow (3) Email (7) Radio (4) PO Box (5) Magazines (6) Rate these atmospheric options: - Background Music - Television - Reading Material - Kids Toys - Trendy Décor - Refreshments Identify your gender Identify your class standing

  8. Mean=2.54 Standard Deviation = 1.381

  9. Rate these atmospheric options: Background Music Mean = 3.23 Standard Deviation = 1.075

  10. Rate these atmospheric options:Television Mean = 2.80 Standard Deviation = 1.234

  11. Rate these atmospheric options:Reading Material Mean = 3.65 Standard Deviation = 1.171

  12. Rate these atmospheric options:Kids Toys Mean = 2.27 Standard Deviation = 1.346

  13. Rate these atmospheric options:Trendy Décor Mean = 3.17 Standard Deviation = 1.162

  14. Rate these atmospheric options:Refreshments Mean = 3.13 Standard Deviation = 1.25

  15. Gender Ratio

  16. Class Standing Mode = 3

  17. Crosstabs: Are you loyal to one specific hair salon vs. Class Standing We chose this graph to determine if there was a strong correlation between class standing and loyalty to a specific hair salon. We noticed that there didn’t seem to be a strong number of individuals in each class that preferred to go to their home salon

  18. Crosstabs: Student Rate Packages vs. Average Amount Spent on Haircuts This chart is meant to determine whether or not there is a correlation between students who spend a specific amount of money on hair cuts and those who are most likely to patronize The Looking Glass Hair and Nail Salon if discounted rate packages were offered. Those that spent between $11-20 dollars were the most likely to be receptive to pricing accommodations.

  19. Crosstabs: Trendy Décor vs. Gender This is to determine if men or women felt that trendy décor is important I hair salon. Although most students replied as neutral, 27 women said décor was important where 10 men stated it was not important

  20. Limitations • Small sample size • Restricted amount of time to conduct the survey and process the results • Males apprehensiveness to fill out survey

  21. Discussion • Our results were somewhat surprising compared to the research data that we evaluated for our literature review. The information that we gathered stressed the importance of atmospherics in the growing hair and nail salon industry. However, the data we collected in our survey suggested that students, for the most part, were neutral to atmospherics such as reading material, children’s toys and trendy décor. The most important item that the respondents would like to see in a hair salon is a television.

  22. Discussion • Advertising is something that was stressed in our literature review. It is one of the main factors in increasing awareness and customer clientele for hair and nail salons. We have observed that Ms. Noel has little advertising to Franklin Pierce College. This correlates with our findings that very few people are aware that The Looking Glass Hair and Nail Salon exists. With the proper advertising methods and utilization of the survey, Ms. Noel may be able to put together an effective advertising strategy to increase awareness of her local business.

  23. Results • Important atmospherics include reading material and background music • Students would also like to see a television in the waiting area • Advertising on campus is very important

  24. Conclusion • Best form of local advertisements are radio and newspapers • Students see advertisements the most in their email and post office boxes • Student discounts and package rates help increase word-of-mouth advertising

  25. Recommendations • Mass emails and flyers in mailboxes • Location • Student Discounts and Packages • Magazines targeted to the student population • Glamour, Cosmopolitan and People • Television in waiting area

  26. Thank You for Your Attention Feel Free to Ask Questions!