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Les Presento Venezuela

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Les Presento Venezuela - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Les Presento Venezuela. By Jenna And Abbey. El Capital Es Caracas. El Presidente De Venezuela Es Chavez. Los Colores De La Bandera Son Amarillo, Azul y Rojo. El Clima De Tropical De 71. La religión primaria es católico. Los deportes populares béisbol.

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Les Presento Venezuela

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Les Presento Venezuela By Jenna And Abbey

    2. El Capital Es Caracas

    3. El Presidente De Venezuela Es Chavez

    4. Los Colores De La Bandera Son Amarillo, Azuly Rojo

    5. El Clima De Tropical De 71

    6. La religión primaria es católico

    7. Los deportes populares béisbol

    8. Los animales que viven aquí son capybara, riverdolphins, babas, caimans, electriceels

    9. Las comidaspopularesson arepas, cachapa, caseba, empanadas, polverones

    10. The Countries Currency is $1 = 4,289.31 bolivars

    11. The Meanings Of The Flag Colors Are… The yellow stands for the richness and wealth of Venezuela The blue stands for the ocean that separates Venezuela and Spain considered as MothercountryThe red stands for the spiled blood for Independence from Spain

    12. Important places in Venezuela

    13. A couple famous people from venezuela is Simon Bolivar, Hugo Chavez, Oscar D’Leon, Luis Aparicio Luis Aparicio is a former professional baseball player, who played for teams like Chicago White Sox, Baltimore Orioles and Boston Red Sox. Simon Boliviar was a military leader and later became a political leader. Oscar D’Leon also known by his Spanish nickname El Sonero del Mundo, is a Venezuelan musician whose claim to fame was his salsa music. Hugo Chavez a political leader of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela is the current president of Venezuela.

    14. Celebrations There Declaration of independence is on April 19. El Cruz De Maya is a holiday celebrated in Spain and many parts of Hispanic America.