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Lantech 3000/5000 switch

Lantech 3000/5000 switch. Presented by PM Dept. August,2013. From eOS 1.0 to 3.5. Better execution Flexible platform Scalable expansion Major features IGS-5400-2P highlights&comparison Successful case study. Better Execution.

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Lantech 3000/5000 switch

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  1. Lantech 3000/5000 switch Presented by PM Dept. August,2013

  2. From eOS 1.0 to 3.5 • Better execution • Flexible platform • Scalable expansion • Major features • IGS-5400-2P highlights&comparison • Successful case study

  3. Better Execution Lantech’s 2000 series switch is designed with Marvell 88E6218 CPU, where has limitation of implementing high algorithm function. Now with high end CPU in our new 3000/5000 series, it can equip with many high end features like Auto Topology Drawing, ITU G.8032 etc.

  4. Enhanced G.8032 (Click picture and reach to Youtube)

  5. Example Topology: Police Network for Vehicle license camera L3 switch Police Internal Network ITU G.8032 Ring Chain IGS-5400-2P IGS-5400-2P IGS-5400-2P IES-3408GSP IES-3408GSFP IES-3408GSFP Ring A1 Ring A6 Ring Y1 Ring Y6 Ring B1 Ring B6 UNO-IS-2307

  6. Ring Competitive Comparison

  7. Flexible Platform On the matured embedded Linux platform, we modularize switch management function so we could launch products with different features based on its product positioning. (So, if there is any project that requires special function, Lantech could be flexible to develop them in quick manner

  8. Lantech 3000/5000 major management features

  9. Environmental Monitoring

  10. Auto Topology Drawing

  11. System event with MMS Connect IES-5408/3408 switch with internet, the switch will send event log to SMS Server via internet and you can receive the event log by your cell phone with SMS service.

  12. IGMP V3 IGMP Version 3 improvement:Adding source filtering scheme, allows Multicast group client to receive predefined multicast resources. (In IGMP v1/v2, when multiple multicast resource share one multicast group, client members will receive all sources) This IGMP v3 is particular good in application where has tremendous multicast group members with various source servers

  13. IGMP Static Routing IGMP static routing is to set multicast group manually, which is specially designed for surveillance projects to replace IGMP query function. The logic behind it is that in most of surveillance project using multicast packets is having greater number of IGMP resources (IP CAM) than IGMP client (CMS)

  14. MVR (Multicast VLAN Registration ) Multicast VLAN enables multicast traffic through VLAN,which is specially designed for MOD(Media-on-Demand)

  15. PTP(Precision Time Protocol )

  16. What is PTP? • PTP is NTP(Network Time Protocol) advanced solution to synchronize time much precisely up to 1us with hardware chip • Mainly used in sub-station & smart grid • All RTU can synchronize time with server through PTP protocol which is critical for root cause when power blackout

  17. Security 1. TACAS+* :Advanced version of remote login RADIUS server (802.1x) (802.1x) IES-3408 We also support older version RADIUS & 802.1X authentication

  18. Security 2. SSH: Encryption protocol when telnet login switch 3. SSL: Encryption protocol when Web login switch

  19. Security 4. IP security: Restrain certain IP to login switch 5. Management Access Control: To set priority for accessing switch(for example, Administrator to set with read only) 6.IP-MAC-Port Binding: Restrict dedicated devices to connect switch, similar to Static Mac Address table 7. ACL (Access Control List)* by IP: Allow certain IP visiting dedicated ports by policy group. In normal L2 switch, the most common control list is done by Mac Address.

  20. Successful Case Police network for license CCTV Hi way ITS system Rolls Royce nuclear plant network Volvo –Renault tank network

  21. Thank you

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