the fayetteville freethinkers visit the eureka springs ufo convention n.
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The Fayetteville Freethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention PowerPoint Presentation
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The Fayetteville Freethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention

The Fayetteville Freethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention

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The Fayetteville Freethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention

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  1. The Fayetteville Freethinkers visit the Eureka Springs UFO Convention April 14-16, 2006 Best Western Inn of the Ozarks Eureka Springs, Arkansas Powerpoint presentation by Doug Krueger, FF meeting, April 29th at the Fayetteville Public Library, Fayetteville, Arkansas.

  2. The Men in Black Doug Krueger (l) and Greg Klebanoff (r) dressed up for the occasion. We gave the UFO people a scare! FF’ers Darrel Henschell and Mike Tilley also attended. Doug brought a disk with an LED light he’d wave around from time to time just to keep them on their toes.

  3. The Merchandise Room The merchandise room was free. We didn’t want to pay to hear the lectures. It was the same stuff anyway.

  4. Big Bird Comes to the Rescue! • We met Bonnie Meyer’s party. • She received contact from this birdlike alien. Her book is based on this alien’s advice, she says. • Her husband says he can’t see it because he’s “her protector.”

  5. The St. Joseph, MO, Delegation • Several people had driven down from St. Joseph, MO. • The woman could see aliens as reptiles, although to all others they look human. (Remember Roddy Piper’s movie “They Live”?) • He sold Ouija boards and other merchandise that they made. (They weren’t dressed for Halloween at the convention.)

  6. The UFO Ouija Board • Doug bought a mini Ouija board. It must be the Ouija equivalent of a blackberry. You can use it on the go when you need answers away from the office. • They had a UFO Ouija board, but that seemed too silly…

  7. UFO picture he inserted for comparison The “Scientist” • UFOlogist Mike Brumfield claimed to be investigating UFO’s scientifically. • The rocks on the heads of Easter Island statues were obviously UFO’s, he said. • However, his picture is squeezed to distort the rock to make it look more like a UFO.

  8. A Hat or a UFO? • Seen without distortion, the rock looks less like a flying saucer. • Brumfield wouldn’t admit that the hat explanation was a better explanation of the rock than the UFO explanation.

  9. Another Statue, for Comparison This puzzle is interesting. Men often can’t see the statue for several minutes. Model Jessie Lynn at Timexpo Museum in Waterbury, CT

  10. FateMagazine • Fate Magazine’s owner and Editor-in-Chief, Phyllis Galde, was there. • This pro-paranormal magazine was founded in 1948. Picture from 2004

  11. FATE Magazine Fate magazine has stories about UFO’s, fairies, bigfoot, ESP, etc.

  12. A student film crew was doing a documentary on the UFO community. • Producer Jessica Sherlock interviewed Greg and Doug extensively. We gave her a skeptical earful. • They also filmed some interaction between Fate magazine owner Phyllis Galde and the FF “Men in Black” when we first arrived. • Another crew of their documentary was in Amherst, NY visiting the publishers of The Skeptical Inquirer. Jessica Sherlock

  13. MUFON—The Mutual UFO Network • Some MUFON representatives invited Doug to join and become a field investigator. • They worked at the U. of Arkansas. • $45.00 a year to join. • $25.00 for field investigation training. • They were very sincere. • Doug is going to join and go in the field with them. At the very least he’ll get an article out of it.

  14. Dan Ackroyd Supports MUFON "... The reading within is always interesting and challenging as MUFON is recognized as the world's leading data assembler on what surely must be considered one of the most important and fundamental mysteries of our existence. “Your subscription will help MUFON keep up their work in providing a realistic perspective on what these anomalies are and who might be controlling them."

  15. Summary Now that we’ve been the Men in Black, how can we top this next year..? • The FF tried getting a booth at the UFO convention in 2003, but when they found out we are skeptics, they balked. • The FF contingent had a great time. Hmmm…