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Ticket Sales & Management PowerPoint Presentation
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Ticket Sales & Management

Ticket Sales & Management

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Ticket Sales & Management

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  1. Ticket Sales & Management SYNAPSE I.S.

  2. What is Olympia ? • Olympia is a tool for the ticketing business, that supports: • Local & Internet Sale Points • Logistics and Management • Entrance Control • Customization and Ticket Design • Different handling of Sport,Theatre and Concert installations What it’s not : Olympia is NOT just another internet sales service. SYNAPSE I.S.

  3. System Overview All the ways to sell a ticket SYNAPSE I.S.

  4. Module Overview Management &Customization • Define Seats and Plan Views • Change Prices • View current sales • Check Cash Flow • Check and Credit Card status Reports • Detailed Customer and Fan Club Information Olympia includes about 30 statistic reports, sales information, season tickets, a simple to use ticket designer with different ticket layouts for groups of events, tools for planning your sales strategy, prizes and free ticket handling, discount management and much more… SYNAPSE I.S.

  5. Module Overview Ticket Printing • Unique Barcode on each ticket • Seat – Gate (optional) • Automatic exclude Season Tickets • Print limited number of tickets • Reduce ticket printing cost – print on simple or glossy paper A great number of the tickets is sold in remote points, through fan clubs etc. Olympia handles this group of sales by mass-printing predefined number of tickets. The ticket blocks are numbered, with barcode and Seat-Gate Option.They are charged to a sales point or a Fan Club, and cash control is managed through cross-reports extracted by the entrance control. Traditional sales are still there, Olympia helps to make them faster and control sales. SYNAPSE I.S.

  6. Module Overview Local Sale Points • Personal Season tickets • Print on Plastic Magnetic Cards • Handle Daily Cash Flow • Easy user interface • Help your season ticket sales : The customer selects his seat direct from the gate view, he can also see who sits near him, simple and fast. The software is designed to speed up sales and to serve as many customers possible SYNAPSE I.S.

  7. Module Overview Internet Sales • Online Orders • Credit Card transactions • Member Card transactions • Free seat selection • Print the tickets with unique barcode in the customers printer or receive the ticket by mail. • Discount capabilities for special client categories • Graphical display of the theatre or stadium • Maximum security using SSL technology SYNAPSE I.S.

  8. Module Overview Entrance Control & Logging • Barcode readers & info display • Each ticket entry is logged • Online entrance reports • Double entry – fake ticket check Entrance Check Points have two setup Options: Manual check using a barcode reader connected with a Notebook hooked on the wall, or automatic, by connecting the hardware with tourniquets SYNAPSE I.S.

  9. Module Description Local Sales points – Seat Selection Each Seat status is displayed with different color: Yellow : sold out Gray : reserved White : free If the user clicks on a sold or reserved seat, the customer name and status is displayed. After seat selection, the customer goes to the cash desk Seat Selection: After click on the desired gate, the gate display shows the free and sold seats SYNAPSE I.S.

  10. Module Description Local Sales points – Payment Speed up Sales: The cash desk terminal screen shows the customer name, gate-seat and the price of the tickets just sold. Supported payment types : Cash, Check, Credit Cards, Member Cards SYNAPSE I.S.

  11. Module Description Local Sales points – Season Tickets • After payment, the customer receives his • personal card with • Customer Name • Gate – Seat • Barcode • Season and Stadium information Sample Card Printout Commercial messages and ads are printed on the member card SYNAPSE I.S.

  12. Module Description Simple Tickets • Simple tickets are printed in • Local sales points • Internet Sales Module • Mass printing – for remote off line sales points The ticket designer produces different tickets for different groups of games or events. For example, there are different colors and ads in the local Championship and in the European Championship. Sample ticket : Images and text are printed in predefined positions. Background is optional pre-printed. SYNAPSE I.S.

  13. Module Description Internet Sales Internet sales uses a combination of graphics and lists. After selecting the seat, the page is redirected to Secure Transaction State. If the customer has no printer, he receives his ticket by mail or at the sales points. The tickets printed by the internet are optionally personal, if the user wishes so, there is no name printed on the ticket. SYNAPSE I.S.

  14. Module Description Management - Customer Data Billing History Billing history and current balance for each client. Easy user interface makes the ticketing management simple. SYNAPSE I.S.

  15. Module Description Management – Reports Olympia includes over 30 management reports • Daily sales report (totals) • Detailed daily transaction Report • Sales reports for user defined period (from-to) • Credit Card & Check status Reports • Account Balance – Overdue Reports • Client Statistics • Mailing label printouts • Free seats Reports (Percent and totals by Gate) • Entrance Statistics (by gate – event – game) • Cross check – Entrance Control reports SYNAPSE I.S.

  16. Module Description Management – Customization Customization and easy maintenance. Application setup includes: • Number of Gates – Seats (by row-number) • Gate Views • Terminals – Sales Points • Fan Clubs – Client Groups • Seasons – Games – Teams • Ticket Designer • Ticket Blocks - Prices • Mass printing setup • Ticket Types • Payment Methods SYNAPSE I.S.

  17. Technology Software Specifications Reliability and low maintenance cost are ensured through : • Industry standard RDBMS (Borland Interbase or Oracle) • 32-bit Windows application for the Local Network • Java based Internet Sales using SSL transactions • Auto backup – database maintenance The software has small hardware requirements and does not need specialized administrators and operators. SYNAPSE I.S.

  18. Technology Hardware Requirements Database Server : PIII – 800 Mhz , 256 MB RAM, 40 GB HD, Windows 2000 Server (or NT 4.0) Local Sales Points : PII – 400 Mhz, 64 MB RAM,4 GB HD, all Windows Versions Printer for receipts Plastic Card Printer Entrance (Check points) : Notebook PII 400 Mhz , 32 MB RAM, 4 GB HD, all Windows Versions Standard Barcode Reader Ticket Mass-Printing Station PIII – 600 Mhz , 128 MB RAM, 10 GB HD, Windows 2000 W/S (or NT W/S) High Speed Printer with 4 A4 paper ports, 32 MB Memory SYNAPSE I.S.

  19. Support Installation & Operation The software support includes : • Initial (startup) configuration • System Test • Printed and Online Documentation • Telephone Support • Dial-up Support with remote control software Additional reports and changes are developed after customer’s request. SYNAPSE I.S.

  20. Summary System Benefits • Organize and speed up sales • Reduce ticket cost by printing the required number of tickets • Expand to Internet Sales • Fan Club – Membership and Customer Data • Marketing Tools : Prizes, Free Tickets, Statistics • Entrance Control • Financial Reports • Modular functionality according to the installation needs : Off - line Sales Online Local Sales Ticket Sales & Management System Internet Sales Entrance Control SYNAPSE I.S.