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Covenants of the Bible PowerPoint Presentation
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Covenants of the Bible

Covenants of the Bible

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Covenants of the Bible

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  1. Covenants of the Bible

  2. A covenant is an agreement established between God and people. It is a sacred covenant that calls a person or group of people into relationship with God. • A contract is an agreement between people that protects and guarantees the rights of the people involved. This may protect property, money, family, animals, environment, etc.

  3. Noah and the Ark • God watched as the world became more and more sinful. • Noah was still faithful to God. • God appeared to Noah and told him that the world would be flooded and that he should build an ark. • Noah built the ark and waited 120 years before the flood came. • Noah and his family as well as the animals were saved from the flood. • Noah promised to take care of the earth and in return God promised not to send another flood to destroy the earth. • The sign of the covenant is the rainbow.

  4. Abraham and Sarah • Abraham and Sarah could not have children because Sarah was “barren”. • When Abraham was 75, God appeared to him and told him that he would have many descendants (children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, etc.) and that these descendants would be a great nation. • The male descendants would be circumcised as a private sign of this covenant. • The nation of Israel descended from Abraham and Sarah.

  5. The Ten Commandments • Moses led his people from slavery in Egypt. • Moses was called by God to go to Mount Sinai where he was given the Ten Commandments. • The people promised to keep the commandments and God would give his grace in return • The sign of the covenant is the Sabbath, or the day of rest.

  6. Reflection • Are covenants still practiced in the world today? (still consider contracts as a type of covenant or binding agreement between two parties). • If so, in what ways? • How have they changed? • Who is involved in covenants/contracts? • What are they designed to protect? • What does this say about our values as a society?