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  1. 造句翻譯 Unit1-8 題目:黑色 答案:藍色

  2. Unit1造句 • 1.She visits her grandparents every Saturday. (將every Saturday改為last Saturday) • She visited her grandparents last Saturday. • 2.He listens to music.(加入last night改寫) • He listened to music last night. • 3.Jenny played computer games this afternoon. (依畫線部分造問句) • What did Jenny do this afternoon? • 4.They surfed the Net in the computer classroom. (依畫線部分造問句) • Where did they surf the Net?

  3. Unit1翻譯 • 1.事實上,我們沒有任何暑假計畫。 • In fact, we don’t have any plans for summer vacation. • 2.她的故事很有趣。大家都邊笑邊鼓掌。 • Her story was interesting. Everyone laughed and clapped. • 3.A:你上週末還做了什麼?B:我還參觀了動物園。 • A:What else did you do last weekend?B:I also visited the zoo. • 4.A:那邊昨天下雨嗎? B:對。下很多雨。 • A:Did it rain there yesterday? B:Yes. It rained a lot.

  4. Unit2造句 • 1.Did she stand under the tree two hours ago?(肯定回答;先簡答再詳答) • Yes she did. She stood under the tree two hours ago. • 2.Jane loves dogs because they are cute.(依畫線部分造原問句) • Why does Jane love dogs? • 3.We didn’t play baseball because the weather was bad.(用so代換) • The weather was bad, so we didn’t play baseball. • 4.The kitchen floor was dirty, so my mother cleaned it.(在句首加入Because改寫) • Because the kitchen floor was dirty, my mother cleaned it.

  5. Unit2翻譯 • 1.Lawrence需要很多錢,所以他把房子賣了。 • Lawrence needed a lot of money, so he sold his house. • 2.Max喜歡他的歷史老師,因為她用很好玩的方式教歷史。 • Max likes his history teacher because she teaches history in a fun way. • 3.中秋節晚上,他們一起坐在樹下吃月餅。 • On the night of the Moon Festival, they sat under the tree and ate moon cakes together. • 4.A:你昨晚為什麼沒參加喜宴?B:我沒參加喜宴因為我兒子生病了。 • A:Why didn’t you attend the wedding last night? B:I didn’t attend the wedding because my son was sick.

  6. Unit3造句 • 1.The dolls are Jenny’s.(依畫線部分造問句) • Whose dolls are they? • 2.My sister gave him a cool watch.(將畫線部分改為代名詞) • My sister gave it to him. • 3.Mrs. Carter bought a sandwich.(加入「給她丈夫」改寫,須寫出兩種寫法) • (1)Mrs. Carter bought her husband a sandwich. • (2)Mrs. Carter bought a sandwich for her husband. • 4.The boy showed his classmates the coupon.(加入介系詞改寫) • The boy showed the coupon to his classmates.

  7. Unit3翻譯 • 1.這件背心是你的,不是我的。 • This vest is yours, not mine. • 2.她從美國寄了條腰帶給他。 • (1)She sent a belt to him from the USA(America). • (2)She sent him a belt from the USA(America). • 3.我姑姑給我一雙手套。 • (1)My aunt gave me a pair of gloves. • (2)My aunt gave a pair of gloves to me. • 4.讓我猜猜看。這頂棒球帽是Sue的,對吧? • Let me guess. This baseball cap is Sue’s, right?

  8. Unit4造句 • 1.What were you doing at ten thirty this morning?(用「曬衣服」回答) • I was hanging the clothes then. • 2.Was he cleaning the desk at four twenty?(用「擦窗戶」回答) • No. He was wiping the window then. • 3.When did the movie end?(用「九點四十三分」,先分後時的順序回答) • It ended at seventeen to ten. • 4.He\his\on\didn’t\put\hat\.(重組句子) • He didn’t put on his hat,\He didn’t put his hat on.

  9. Unit4翻譯 • 1.半小時前,他們正在倒垃圾。 • They were taking out the trash half an hour ago. • 2.我九點十五分時正在擦頭髮。 • (1)Iwas drying my hair at quarter past \after nine. • (2)I was drying my hair at nine fifteen. • 3.他在房間裡找遍了,但就是找不到他的手機。 • He looked everywhere in his bedroom but just couldn’t find his cellphone. • 4.A:你當時有把外套脫掉嗎?B:沒有,我那時候還穿著它。 • A:Did you take off your coat at that time? B:No. I was still wearing it then.

  10. Unit5造句 • 1.Joseph’s daughters like to go to school.(受詞改用V-ing) • Joseph’s daughterslike going to school. • 2.Sandy enjoys swimming in the morning.(加入enjoy改寫) • Sandy enjoys swimming in the morning. • 3.she\not\need\get up\early(依提示字順序造肯定直述句;字詞需做適當的變化) • She doesn’t need to get up early. • We\plan\practice\dance\on Tuesdays(依提示字順序造肯定直述句;字詞需做適當的變化) • We plan to practice dancing on Tuesdays.

  11. Unit5翻譯 • 1.那位先生為他的孩子樹立很好的榜樣。 • That man sets a good example for his children. • 2.我打算要訪問那位名廚。 • Iplan to interview that famous chef. • 3.Mia的弟弟喜歡演戲,而且演得很好。 • Mia’s brother likes acting, and he acts very well. • 4.生活有時候可能會很困難,但絕對不要放棄。 • Life can be difficult\hard sometimes, but never give up.

  12. Unit6造句 • 1.early for class\important(用V-ing當主詞,造肯定直述句) • Being early for class is important. • 2.Doing well on that test is not easy.(改成以It 為首的句子) • It is not easy to do well on that test. • 3.It’s nice to take a walk in the evening.(改成以V-ing為首的句子) • Taking a walk in the evening is nice. • 4.He told me to call him before seven.(改成否定句) • He told me not to call him before seven.

  13. Unit6翻譯 • 1.發高燒很難受。(Having…) • Having a high fever is terrible. • 2.下班後休息一下是很棒的。(It…) • It’s great to take a rest after work. • 3.擁有健康的飲食習慣是好的。(Having…) • Having healthy eating habits is good. • 4.吃藥配果汁是不好的。(It…) • It is bad to take (the) medicine with juice.

  14. Unit7造句 • 1.What are you going to wear to the party?(用「藍色的洋裝」回答) • I’m going to wear a blue dress to the party. • When will you start doing your homework?(用「十分鐘後」回答) • Iwill start doing my homework in ten minutes. • 3.Patrick will play the piano tonight, but Amy won’t(用be going to改寫) • Patrick is going to play the piano tonight, but Amy isn’t. • 4.My sister is going to be a junior high school student next month.(用will改寫) • My sister will be a junior high school student next month.

  15. Unit7翻譯 • 1.我們在這趟旅程中將探訪墾丁及其他一些地方。 • We will visit Kenting and some other places during the trip. • 2.他要跟他爸爸借一件襯衫和一條領帶。 • He will borrow a shirt and a tie from his father. • 3.A:這台相機要多少錢?B:要兩萬元。(cost) • A:How much does this camera cost? B:It costs twenty thousand dollars. • 4.A:你要買什麼給你女兒?B:我要買一件夾克給她。 • What are you going to buy for your daughter? B:I’m going to buy a jacket for her.\I’m going to buy her a jacket.

  16. Unit8造句 • 1.Jenny usually walks to the library.(用on foot改寫) • Jenny usually goes to the library on foot. • 2.Steve went to the art museum by MRT last week.(用take改寫) • Steve took the MRT to the art museum last week. • 3.Iwill go to work by bus today.(依畫線部分造問句) • How will you go to work today? • 4.Can we take a taxi to the beach next time?(用by改寫) • Can we go to the beach by taxi next time?

  17. Unit8翻譯 • 1.我們開車開了超過一個小時才到百貨公司。 • We spent over one hour driving to the department store. • 2.你要坐船還是搭飛機去那裡? • Are you going there by ship or (by) plane\airplane? • 3.一路上你可以聽見大自然的聲音。 • You can hear the sounds of nature along the way. • 4.A:你要怎麼去火車站?B:我要騎機車。 • A:How will you go to the train station? B:I’ll ride a scooter.