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Digital marketing

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Digital marketing. mar·ket·ing (n) - The action or business of promoting and selling products or services. Hard. Average CMO Tenure. 2009. 2012. 2006. 35 Mos. 43 Mos. 23 Mos. Amazing facts and shocking statistics. The commercial internet is twenty years old.

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Digital marketing

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    1. Digital marketing

    2. mar·ket·ing (n) - The action or business of promoting and selling products or services

    3. Hard

    4. Average CMO Tenure 2009 2012 2006 35 Mos. 43 Mos. 23 Mos.

    5. Amazing facts and shocking statistics

    6. The commercial internet is twentyyears old

    7. Google and Amazonhave a higher market value than Disney, Comcast, and News Corp.

    8. True or False > The entire Retail industry Annual US prescription drug sales Poland The entire NFL All of the above

    9. Google owns 66% of Search and 16% of Display

    10. Globally there are 2.3 Billion people connectedto the Internet

    11. Digital Evolution = Life Evolution

    12. Display

    13. $40 Billion spent on Display Ads in 2012 37% by 2014 – combined display market share of Google and facebook

    14. Evolution of Ad Formats

    15. Align with Branded Entertainment

    16. Branding Vs. Direct Response

    17. Video Advertising

    18. Video Samples Pre-Roll Units Web Content and Brand Channels

    19. AD AD Right Inventory + Right Targeting = Right Customer

    20. Google Display Network YouTube and Google Sites Doubleclick Ad Exchange Partner Sites Sites Feeds Games Social Media Video Mobile

    21. Benefits of Exchange Buying • Efficient Scale • Decide how much to pay for each ad impression • Eliminate intermediaries • Auction system lowers costs • Buy & optimize in real time • Insight • Transparency on media placement, performance and audience • Learn about behaviors of users coming to your site, and who is purchasing • Performance • Instant feedback loop on what media is working • Intelligent system can ‘learn’ to find high value users • Targeting • Target the right ad to right user at right time • Control media placement and timing

    22. Targeting Capabilities • Behavioral Targeting • Identify users who have interests, hobbies, purchase intent patterns, etc. • Remarketing • Target users who’ve visited site, but haven’t yet purchased • Reach users based on search activity • Prospecting • Cast a wide net to identify strongest sites, locations, times, messages • Contextual Targeting • Run on sites and pages that may be relevant to the advertiser

    23. Deploying and Ad Exchange Strategy • Data Collection • Collect data from first party and third party sources to develop profiles and targets of the ideal audience segments • Programmatic Buying • Target these data profiles through real-time bidded inventory where we can “cherry-pick” ad impressions and price them according to predicted return • Optimization and Insight • Develop insight, refine and optimize efforts on an ongoing basis to find the optimal mix of ad, audience, and context

    24. Real-Time Bidding in Action • Allows you to optimize based on where user is in the funnel Home Page Visit “Look-alike” cookie High Value Targus Segment $0.97 eCPM Quantity $0.51 eCPM $2.15 eCPM HHI below 50K Brand Loyalist $3.46 eCPM $4.61 eCPM Price

    25. Search engine marketing

    26. $23 Billion spent in Search in 2012 400 Million – The amount of searches Google gets everysday

    27. Where do People Click? 30% of Clicks 70% of Clicks * Enquiro - 2010

    28. Search is No Longer 10 Blue Links Paid Search Shopping Organic Search Video

    29. Paid vs. Organic Search Differences SEM / Paid Search / PPC SEO / Organic Search Immediate Impact Long Term Results Vs. Control of Message Requires Implementation Vs. Can Target More Keywords Less on/off flexibility Vs. Easy to Test & Learn Focus on content & site architecture Vs. Higher out-of-pocket cost Extremely cost-efficient Vs. Performance-based Pricing Project-based Pricing Vs.


    31. Search Campaign Structure Keyword Selection Campaign Development Copy Optimization Landing Pages Bid Optimization • Selecting target KW’s based on goals • Keyword grouping strategy • Identify growth opportunity • Group sections & content to establish organic themes • Align copy to keywords • Ongoing testing and qualifyingof offers to filter out bad clicks • Edit or create new contentto focus on conversions • Landing page creation and alignment • Multivariate testing • Ensure the right page is ranking based on a user query • Leverage technologyto maximize efficiency • Test different bid positions • Adjust strategy by day-part, geography, etc

    32. digital cameras buy [brand name] SLR cameras [brand name] best digital camera broad specific Keyword Selection • Cast a wide net and optimize back • Don’t use marketing language • People don’t search the way you want them to • Diabetes Recipes vs. Diabetic Recipes

    33. Campaign Development • Grouping KW’s into “like” categories allows for several advantages: • Effectively manage budget • Isolate performance and set goals differently • Identify areas of opportunity • Target differently $100 Daily Budget $100 Daily Budget Brand Terms Cable Terms Comcast Comcast Cable Cable and Internet Buy Cable Bundle Terms Non-Brand Terms

    34. Copy Optimization • Align with perceived keyword search intent and should contain a call to action Bundle Keywords Internet Keywords Broad Keywords

    35. Landing Pages • Delivering an experience based on your search query

    36. Bid Optimization • Tools allow you to automatically manage KW’s based on KPI’s

    37. Google Ad Formats

    38. Organic SEARCH

    39. Search Campaign Structure Keyword Selection Keywords & Content Link Popularity Universal Search and Social Media • Is Website coding Search Engine friendly? • Smaller group of KW’s based on site content • Are high quality sites linking to your website? • Sharable content • Assets such as videos, shopping & news feeds, and social media pages

    40. Technical Architecture What users see What search engine spiders see

    41. Keywords and Content • Fresh, unique, up-to-date content • Page content length of 800 to 1,000 words • Use important keywords throughout entire page and focus on one theme • Within the content use links to related pages, if applicable; this will allow search engines to determine the relevancy of the target page

    42. Keywords and Content – Meta Data • Page Title – Each Page is unique • Description Tag – Describes your site Diabetes Complications Diabetes Treatment Diabetes Symptoms

    43. Link Popularity • Link popularity: • The number of sites that link to a particular site. • Many search engines use link popularity as a factor in determining the search engine ranking of a website. • Link building: • The process of creating inbound links to one’s website. • This can be done with links from relevant sites, blogs, forums, newsletters, press releases, and directories. High-Ranking Sites Site C Site b Site A “acne medication”

    44. So-Lo-Mo

    45. 1 in 5 searches are done on a mobile device 40% - Projected search traffic Google with get on a mobile and Desktop

    46. Mobile Shipments Tablets Smartphones Notebook PC Desktop PC Source: Mary Meeker “Top Mobile Internet Trends”, 2/10/11

    47. Mobile Users to Exceed Desktop Global InternetUsers(MM)