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  1. TALK LINK We TALK through all the communication LINK

  2. Our Proposition we VALUES the Communications in which we know how to link the channels where we talk directly to public as well as through media in all kind while we also listen on what they say

  3. 7Things To Know About Talk Link.

  4. 1. Our solid background… The 1st and the only 1 Certified Google Analytics Partner in Indonesia!

  5. How we can assist you ?

  6. Viral Mail Activation Branded Games Mobile Mkt. Industry & Governement Response Center TV Branded Mobile Phone Sites Radio Online media Newspaper Twitter Banner Ads Blogs Facebook Gowalla Foursqaure

  7. 2. Our Public Relations 1.0… At its core, Public Relations revolves around this universal truth: people act based upon their perception of facts. By managing, controlling, or influencing people's perceptions, Public Relations hope to initiate a sequence of behaviors that will lead to the achievement of an organization's objectives. When those in public relations successfully create, change, or reinforce opinion through persuasion, their primary objective is accomplished.

  8. Where you can apply PR for your company? Public Relations Program: RUPS, CSR, Press Conference, Media Briefing, Media Gathering, Visit to Media, Media Visit, Media Trip, Clinics, Media Training, 1on1 interview, Media Monitoring, Media Analysis, Communities Relations, etc Media KOL Public Engagement Union Management Policies and regulations

  9. Why Talk Link for your PR? With our good relations with journalists, media and Government, we will connect and assist you with them to gain maximum exposure and coverage in all type of media; print, electronics and online Together with you, we will assist you in providing the Strategy to create your Communication Program

  10. 3. Our Public Relations 2.0… Why you need Digital PR? Brand Collection of Experience & Associations across all forms of Interactions Consumers Basic Expectations Trust & Competence 2.0 Landscape Consumers trust people like them

  11. everywhere

  12. It’s all about Socialnomics! Social media has created a fundamental shift in the way we all communicate. In the process, we sometimes lose media, develop new media and in some cases see traditional media adapt to the new sociology and technology. Source:

  13. PR in this new era needs to be focus on LISTENING in order to facilitate conversations between companies and their constituent

  14. 4. We Take A Strategic Approach To Solving Business Problems. Our strategic approach to solving client business problems is called TALKright™ TALKright™ is our specialized PR tools that will maximized client strategic communication solutions.

  15. We create PR Tools toLISTEN & TALK in order to delivering the right message topublic!

  16. TALKright ™ for Digital PR

  17. Client’s Sales & Marketing Plan Situation Analysis Creative Strategy Plan Executive Summary Setting PR Objectives Determining PR Strategy: Key Messages, Target Audiences, & Communications Contents INTERNAL Improvement Spokesperson defining + Training Information flow + approval system Selecting PR Tools Media Relations CSR & Government Relations Tie-in Promo Program Media Coverage TALKright™ for PR 1.0 DISCOVERY STRATEGY THE INTERNAL PROCESS THE EXECUTION PROCESS

  18. 5. We Get Nuanced Understanding Of The Target At A Lifestyle, Category, Brand And Shopper Level.

  19. Young Generations THE NET-GENERS • The net geners are characterized by their: • High digital literacy: It is a generation of people who have been born and/or brought up when most of the digital devices are available e.g computers, internet, iPods, etc • Connectedness and socialization: It is in this generation that the connectedness between peers, especially using online social software and sites (myspace, facebook, Hi5,, tagged etc). • Multitasking: They can been seen doing an assignment, chatting with friends on IM, view friends profile online among other things at the same time. • Consumption and production of digital information: Being born in the age where Web 2.0 is the net buzzword, net geners not are not only passive recipients of information, but also they participate in its creation.

  20. 6. We’re Results-Driven And Focused On Metrics. ROI OUTCOME BEHAVIORAL IMPACT Behavioral Change ATTITUDINAL IMPACT Perceptual Change CONTENT CONTACT & MESSAGE EFFECTIVENESS Recall and Relevance CHANNEL EFFECTIVENESS Exposure and Influence DRIVERS

  21. TALKING AUDIT Our TALKsmart ™ Measurement…

  22. Be Alerts! Google Alerts are emails sent to you when Google finds new results -- such as web pages, newspaper articles, or blogs -- that match your search term. You can use Google Alerts to monitor anything on the Web. For example, people use Google Alerts to: • find out what is being said about their company or product. • monitor a developing news story. • find out what's being said about themselves.

  23. Be Updated! Monitoring on media coverage and public conversation within 24 hours

  24. Our Projects 2010

  25. The Clients

  26. Twestival Jakarta: Indonesia untuk Dunia

  27. Acer: Listen – Responds - Improve

  28. Acer: Listen – Responds - Improve Acer ID is a blog dedicated as an information center that could easily access, containing all the PR message and infusing friends of Acer (blogger), review and also Dr Acer to answer questions.

  29. Acer: Listen – Responds - Improve SOME-RC, an online response center is assign to cater the needs of 24/7 answers and complain handling. We spot problems, respond to it and improve the sentiment of the brand users/followers.

  30. What is it?Special Tab in Acer Page that dedicated to have a responsive, and also monitor if there is a problem persist from the end-user perspective Main objectives: Maintain the positive or neutral sentiment towards the brand

  31. East West Seed Indonesia: Sahabat Para Petani Indonesia • Media Trip to PT EWSI seed farm at Purwakarta • Press Conference • 1on1 interview • 13 media joint • PR Value: Rp335,100,000

  32. The Coverage

  33. Activity Summary • PT East West Seed Indonesia Press Conference • Date : Wednesday, 16 June 2010 • Time : 09.00 – 11.30 WIB • Venue : PT East West Seed Indonesia • Total Media Attendance: 13 media • 16 media invited to the event • 13 media confirmed their attendance • Agenda: • 07.30: Media departed from Bandung • 09.00: Media arrived at PT East West Seed Indonesia, Press Conference • 09.45: Media plantation visit • 10.30: Interview with Dirjen Holtikultura Departemen Pertanian • 10.45: Media visit to the Celebration of the 20years PT East West Seed Indonesia • 11.30: Media departed to Bandung

  34. OCSP: The Orang Utan Conservation • 4 days media trip to Bali • 2 days workshop • Media involvement in the workshop • 12 media joint

  35. OCSP: The Orang Utan Conservation

  36. Guinness: Engage Them! Guinness is trying to capture the heart of a younger drinker, so engaging activity that is relevant to the PR message is a must. Several of the activity done is by having an engagement in social media (Facebook and Twitter). Augmented Reality, FB application and others.

  37. Guinness: Engage Them!

  38. Guinness: Engage Them! The result is, within a year, the conversation related to Guinness is higher than competitors in term of online conversation.

  39. AHA: Crazy Awareness The online activity is to spread the Key Message and AHA concept. During activity, in just 7 weeks period, we gained total 33.000 photo entry and also key message push in Twitter from followers as many as 70.00 tweets.

  40. Event: Support the Hype Make sure that the activity is virally spread, within just 3 weeks before and during the activity Java Jazz could gain 5.000 fans without prior ads. The same thing happen to Indonesian Idol twitter and also IIMS. The true essence is to make sure the crowds give attention to the event and generate much needed buzz.

  41. Pandji Pragiwaksono: The Voice of Indonesia

  42. Press Conference of “Free Lunch Method” and “Merdesa” Album • 30 November 2010 • 20 media attended • PR Value: Rp576,810,000 (as per 21 December 2010 – still continuing)

  43. Sunlife Financial: Shariah • Media Placement & Radio Talkshow • December 2010 • 4 prints & 2 radio • National, Jakarta & Jogjakarta

  44. Fujitsu LIFEBOOK • ‘WORK.LIVE.PLAY’ Press Conference • Date : Thursday, 9 December 2010 • Time : 11.30 – 14.30 WIB • Venue : PISA CAFÉ & RESTO Mahakam, Jakarta - Indonesia • Total Media Attendance: 40 media, 51 journalists • 50 media invited to the event • 36 listed media • 4 unlisted media • News Value as of 28 January 2011: Rp 2,751,778,500 (US$ 323,739) – still continuing

  45. Our Projects 2011