mrs mullins second grade class presents i poetry n.
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Mrs. Mullins Second Grade Class Presents “I” Poetry PowerPoint Presentation
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Mrs. Mullins Second Grade Class Presents “I” Poetry

Mrs. Mullins Second Grade Class Presents “I” Poetry

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Mrs. Mullins Second Grade Class Presents “I” Poetry

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  1. Mrs. MullinsSecond Grade ClassPresents “I” Poetry

  2. Mrs. Mullins Second Grade Class“I” Poem I Am A Butterfly I am a butterfly. I live among beautifully colored gardens in warm climates. I wonder where my sweet nectar lies. I hear the flutter of my wings. I see beautiful flowers to drink from. I want sweet nectar juice. I am a butterfly.

  3. I question, “Where are my enemies?” I feel the warm sunshine and the wind from my wings. I touch the many plants and flowers I pass by as I fly through the garden. I worry birds and mammals may have me for dinner. I cry for fear of being eaten. I understand I must live to lay eggs for new butterflies. I am a butterfly.

  4. I say, “There’s a green leaf to lay my eggs.” I believe my young will be safe here. I dream they will hatch into caterpillars and one day become like me. I try camouflaging myself to hide from my enemies. I hope to survive and begin a new life cycle of eggs. I was once an egg myself. But now I am a beautiful butterfly.

  5. I Am A Fireflyby: Erin, Keenan, Emily, Azariah, Jordan, and Jared I am a firefly. I live in warm climates around trees, bushes, and the ground. I see at night, the people trying to catch me in jars. I feel my two sets of wings flapping when I fly. I taste very bad to my enemies. I am a firefly.

  6. I want to make beautiful light with the chemical mix inside me and the air I breathe. I say, “ I shine bright when it’s warm and dimly when it’s cold.” I try to say. “Hi” to other bugs like me as I flash my light in special code. I hope to find a mate when I flash my light in a lovely pattern. I am a firefly.

  7. I Am A Mealwormby: Brendan, Vong, Ruben,Rose, Daniela, and Elizabeth I am a mealworm. I live in pet stores and classrooms. My habitat is made of bran, apples, and potatoes. I see someone picking me up for lizard and turtle food. I feel scared I may be eaten by my enemies. I taste the yummy apples, potato, and bran that I live in. I am a mealworm.

  8. I want to become a darkling beetle. I say, “As a beetle, I will lay eggs.” “My job is to reproduce.” I try to complete my life cycle. I go from an egg, to a larva worm, to a pupa, and to an adult. I hope to not get eaten by my enemies. I am a mealworm.

  9. I Am A Milkweed Bugby: Daniel, Shelby, Lamond, Tori, Ciana, and Christopher I am a milkweed bug. I live in North America on milkweed plants, under leafs, and logs. I see other animals in nature. I feel soft and mushy inside because I wear my bones on the outside of my body. I have an exoskeleton. I taste the deliciously gooey latex that I drink from the milkweed plant. I am a milkweed bug.

  10. I want to become an adult so I can lay my brood of eggs. I say, “Listen to the sounds I make when my back wings rub over my abdomen.” I try to play opossum on the ground so my predators don’t bother me. I hope not to get eaten by birds and other enemies. I am a milkweed bug.

  11. I Am An Antby: Elaina, Walker, Carter, and Dishun I am an ant. I live in colonies, gardens, and in the ground. I see incredibly well because I have thousands of lenses on my eyes. I feel things with my antennae. I taste the sweet honeydew nectar from the aphid bugs. I am an ant.

  12. I want to be a queen so I can lay eggs. I say, “Where can I find more honeydew nectar?” I try to carry food on my back to my colony. If I have to, I will carry food on my second stomach. It’s called a crop. I hope my enemies don’t eat me. I am an ant.