europe goes to africa this time it was for land colonization n.
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Europe Goes to Africa…this time it was for land -- (colonization) PowerPoint Presentation
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Europe Goes to Africa…this time it was for land -- (colonization)

Europe Goes to Africa…this time it was for land -- (colonization)

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Europe Goes to Africa…this time it was for land -- (colonization)

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  1. Europe Goes to Africa…this time it was for land -- (colonization) Everyone wanted a piece of Africa

  2. European Colonization • Slavery ended around the 1880’s…but Europeans wanted something else from Africa…LAND, RESOURCES, MONEY & POWER! • This sparked something called COLONIZATION: the forced control of one nation by another nation. • 19th Century (late 1800s) Europeans go to Africa to colonize & use their resources --(take over their land and use it for their own purposes to get rich) • Europe wanted to control African territories and make money with Africa’s natural resources

  3. Berlin Conference • 1884-1885 European Nations met to decide on how they wanted to DIVIDE up Africa for themselves! • This would become known all around the world as the SCRAMBLE FOR AFRICA!

  4. Scramble for Africa- when European nations raced(scrambled) to take their piece of African land and colonize it. • Countries like Great Britain, Belgium & France were the first to set up African colonies • Great Britain controlled much of West Africa, known as the “Gold Coast.” • European powers quickly took over most of the African continent. Europeans left the African people weak & helpless….once again.

  5. African Independence Movements • Only 2 countries in Africa were never colonized by European powers (Ethipoia & Liberia) WHY?????

  6. African’s are Sick & Tired of Europeans Ruling Over Them.. • Europeans ruled Africa for several decades • Many African’s hated this • Feelings of NATIONALISM (pride toward your country) started to take over • Nationalist movements got African’s excited about taking their land back = African Nationalist Movment • Some movements were peaceful, while many were violent

  7. Independence Continued.. • Europeans did not want to leave because they were making lots of $$$ • Ghana was the first nation to receive independence (it was formally known as the Gold Coast where the Ashanti live).

  8. NEGATIVE Results of Colonization • Independence in Africa did not come easy • Some major results: Negative— 1. Africans could not make their own government decisions 2. Europeans forced African’s off their land, 3. Europeans used Africa’s natural resources to make themselves rich, 4. African’s rights were taken away from them & they were known as second class citizens, 5. Led to Civil war, disease & poverty because Africans did not know how to function on their own & artificial boundries were created!

  9. Positive Results of Colonization—New ideas were brought to Africa from Europe (technology, religions, language & culture).Can you think of anything else???

  10. Pan-African Movement • Stated that all black Africans see themselves as a united people (doesn’t matter what country they are from) and fight for independence against Europe • Pan African Movement:helped many African nations gain their independence and unite the African Continent for a better life, economy, & government

  11. On a sheet of paper, draw a line down the middle of it. Label the top LEFT side of your paper Negative and label the top RIGHT side Positive. With the person sitting next to you discuss (and list on your paper) how you could make a case for why it was a good (positive) thing that Africa was colonized AND on the negative side do the same….describe why it was a bad thing that Africa was colonized and some consequences that African’s faced then and even still today!! **Make good arguments for BOTH sides..Remember WHY we are doing this…!**