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A Thesis Statement. . . PowerPoint Presentation
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A Thesis Statement. . .

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A Thesis Statement. . .
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A Thesis Statement. . .

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  1. A Thesis Statement. . . • states the writer’s single main point. • is clear and specific. • is placed in the opening paragraph (generally, it is the first or last sentence) • prepares readers for the rest of the paper.

  2. Thesis Sentence for Expressive Writing: • Halloween might seem a casual, fun holiday for some, but for me it was offensive and uncomfortable when I felt forced to celebrate it in school. • Thesis Sentence for Informative Writing: • If you think Halloween is just a “kids’ night,” you might be surprised to know that this holiday has ancient religious origins. • Thesis Sentence for Persuasive Writing: • Halloween should not be celebrated in public schools . . .

  3. Direction-giving thesis statement • Most research papers and argument papers need a more direction-giving thesis statement, such as. . . • “Halloween should not be celebrated in public schools. . . • because our diverse populations are uncomfortable with this holiday,because it distracts children from learning,and because the resources should be used for learning.”

  4. Current Assignment: • Composition Assignment #2: Profile Paper • Preliminary Readings/Models: “Soup” & “I’m Not Leaving ‘Til I Eat This Thing” • Paper #3: Write a fully developed profile of a person, place or activity based on at least one observation and at least one interview. Observe your subject closely, and then present what you have learned in a way that both informs and engages readers. Treat this essay as if you are writing for a magazine or newspaper. Final product should be 4 –5 pages, typed and double-spaced. Your profile should be full of relevant detail and should take audience and purpose into consideration. It is your job to make your subject interesting to the reader.

  5. Sample Paper Maurice Drew: What You Thought You Knew I sat down with star athlete Maurice Drew one night in Thomson Cafeteria in an attempted to learn more about him as an athlete but I learned more about him as a person. It was around 10:30 p.m., which seemed to be the only time I could catch him. Before the interview started he was talking to someone. It seemed as though he was a celebrity. A lot of people knew Drew. Not only was he an athlete but he was also in his third year here at Winthrop. He had to end his previous conversation with another student in order to do the interview.