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Web-Based Project Management Software

Web-Based Project Management Software

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Web-Based Project Management Software

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  1. Web-Based Project Management Software

  2. All-in-one Project Management Software | Talygen • Introduction • Talygen is the most advanced Business Management Automation software in the industry today and is serving different businesses from many years across the globe. The cloud-based SaaS application empowers companies to run their entire business automating their business operations at a single place. Talygen’s advanced features allows businesses to:   • Establish and strengthen Client relationships • Manage core workflows via a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) application • Maintain records of all activities in your Talygen account for future reference • Empower a Client to seamlessly track the progress of their projects

  3. Other Key Features of Talygen Project Management Software • Import/ Export Bulk Projects • Virtual User • Cloud Storage • Message Board • Set Expense Limit • Socialize/Online Chat • Website, Desktop And, Mobile Applications • Time Tracker • Client Login • Project Report • Bulk Time Entry • Resource Scheduler • Project Request Feature • Gantt Chart and Road Map • Activity Log • Flag Track Entry • Track Project Progress • Activity Tracker/Screenshots

  4. Simple Resource Scheduling Talygen’s Web-based Project Management Software empowers managers to make use of their resources in a hassle-free and productive manner. It allows managers to manipulate & re-allocate resources to increase the overall productivity of an organization, as well as eliminates time wastage. Track Time Anywhere & Anytime Talygen Project Management System enables users & organizations to seamlessly track time for multiple different Projects. Project Management tools allow Business Managers to accurately gauge the time taken by Employees to complete a Task for a Project. Managers can quickly access logged time entries in Project Management Software for evaluating an Employee’s overall performance.

  5. Fully Rendered Gantt Chart Talygen offers a Gantt Chart fully integrated within the Project Management system. The Gantt Chart provides a clear & detailed graphical illustration of a Project’s progress. It also shows the order of dependencies between tasks and the different order in which they must be completed in the complete project development.

  6. Detailed and Insightful Reports Talygen Project Management System provides detailed reports with respect to each & every work completed in a Project by the assigned Employee. Managers can also monitor these Project Reports for a detailed analysis of the progress of a Project, which enables organizations to quickly identify any issue, and modify the Project strategy before any kind of breakdown. Allow Clients to Monitor Progress Talygen Project Management System offers a Client login feature that empowers your Client to seamlessly track the progress of their Projects without disturbing your workflow at all. This service is absolutely free for your Clients.

  7. Seamless Collaboration and Communication with Customers Talygen’s Online Project Management Software offers a robust Message Board, using which the customers can easily collaborate and communicate with the business managers & organizations. The Project Management System also allows managers to send & receive messages to different groups, individual employees, or they can also broadcast it to the entire team involved in the project.

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