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Metcalfe County Schools

Metcalfe County Schools

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Metcalfe County Schools

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  1. Metcalfe County Schools 2nd Annual District Wide College & Career Fair Grades: 2nd – 12th Created by: Julie Holmes MCS-College & Career Readiness Coordinator

  2. MISSION “We at Metcalfe County Schools want our students to start preparing as early as possible thinking about what type career they want, where do they want to attend college, and what do they need to do to prepare for that career and college education while they are still in intermediate, middle and high school. “It is our hope that if we reaffirm with them every year and that by the time the students have to start making the hard decisions they will be better prepared.”

  3. CAREER GUESTS • 50 Career Guests • Veterinarian Lawyer Horticulturist • EMT Teacher Finance • Radiologist Engineering • Manufacturing Florist • News and Publications • County Extension Services

  4. COLLEGE GUESTS • 16 Colleges Represented • Morehead State University • Campbellsville University • Kentucky Wesleyan College • Lindsey Wilson College • University of Kentucky • WKU – Glasgow • Western Kentucky University (Main) • Nashville Auto Diesel College • Georgetown College • Eastern Kentucky University • United States Marine Corp • PJ's School of Cosmetology • Sullivan College of Technology & Design • BRADD - Barren River Area Development District • South Central KY Community & Technical College

  5. Planning Committee • Metcalfe County Schools invested several months of planning for this district-wide event and several departments collaborated to bring together the best possible outcome for our students. • Departments involved in the planning process: • College & Career Readiness Program • Race-to-the-Top Program • GEAR UP Program • Family Resource Department • Central Office Staff • School Nutrition • School Administrative Personnel • Migrant Program • Transportation Department

  6. Preparation of Students • Students were prepped at each school with questions appropriate for career and college guests such as: • “What do you do in your job every day?” • “What do you like and dislike about your job?” • “How much money will I make?” • “Is your job stressful?” • “What type of benefits will I get?”

  7. Preparation of Students • “What are your admission requirements?” • “How many students attend your college?” • “When must I choose a major?” • “What types of clubs and organizations do you have on campus that I can participate in?” • “What is your campus safety like?”

  8. Career Guest “Spotlight” Among the things Catherine Poteet enjoyed seeing Wednesday during Metcalfe County’s College and Career Fair at Metcalfe County High School were the expressions on students’ faces when she talked about teaching. “I love the questions that they have,” she said. “Some of the questions are, ‘Is your job stressful?’ It’s interesting to see some of their faces when I say yes, teaching is stressful. They look around at their teacher and go, ‘Really?’ Some of the looks on their faces are sweet.” Poteet is with SKy-Teach, a program for math and science majors who are earning bachelor’s degrees in specific fields, but can also earn education degrees leading to teacher certification. Poteet typically exhibits at college fairs and provides high school students with information about her program. “This is the only career fair that we’ve been invited to, but I love this idea and I love being able to be here and answering questions about teaching for those students who want to be teachers,” she said. “I think it’s a very honorable profession.”

  9. Advanced Planning Metcalfe County School staff members polled the career guests before the end of the day about attending our next College & Career Fair that is scheduled to be in the fall of 2014-2015 schools year due to testing constraints in the spring and to help ensure our seniors who are still deciding on a career/college has an opportunity to meet with the various people in attendance.

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