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China and Latin America PowerPoint Presentation
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China and Latin America

China and Latin America

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China and Latin America

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  1. China and Latin America Business talks during the Latin America China Investors Forum.

  2. China’s Department of Latin American Affairs Director-General: Yin Hengmin • Responsibilities of the Department: • Maintain knowledge of Latin American countries • Expand diplomatic and political contacts • Formulate China’s Latin American Policy • Assist in Chinese intelligence gathering throughout Latin America. Deputy Director-Generals: Liu Yuqin (female), Zhao Rongxian

  3. Panama Canal Expansion China: ultimate winner from expansion of Panama Canal

  4. China and Brazil China is now Brazil’s second largest trade partner Brazil wants to ally with Argentina to form a stronger trade force Many don’t want this because of the potential power

  5. China and Brazil Brazil previously traded mainly with United States Free Trade Area of the Americas concern United States too expensive Signed agreement to increase cooperation in: Technology, agribusiness, construction, civil engineering, natural resources, and natural resources development

  6. Venezuela & Communist China Diplomatic Relations established in 1975 Republic of China maintained trade office in Caracas throughout the 1990’s Regime of Hugo Chavez Chinese power to counterbalance USA in Latin America Supports Chinese drive to reduce U.S. influence in Western Pacific Supported China entrance into World Trade Organization

  7. China’s Presence in Venezuela • Engineering projects • Raw materials • Petroleum • Bauxite • Uranium • Market for industrial products What China wants China builds in Venezuela

  8. Chinese/Venezuelan Culture Education: Attempted student exchanges: Since 1976 China has sent 4 students Venezuela has sent 27 students to China♦ Has one of the largest concentrations of ethnic Chinese in Latin America` Speak Cantonese Chinese`

  9. China & Cuba Li Changchun (R), a member of the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, shakes hands with Marino Murillo Jorge, vice president of Cuba's Council of Ministers, during a meeting in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 22, 2012. (Xinhua/Ju Peng)

  10. China’s Interests in Cuba • China is Cuba’s third largest trade partner • China exports to Cuba: $236 million • Cuba exports to China $121 million Trade China drills for petroleum off Cuban coast (near Florida)

  11. Chinese Imports Television sets Bicycle-making machinery Telephone terminals

  12. Cuba’s “imports” to China Military related Sino-Cuban signals intelligence Electronic warfare facilities…for what?

  13. Spying on the United States China monitors U.S. telephone communications and internet activity from a base twenty miles south of Havana

  14. Success!!?? Economic presence second only to USA Potential backlash??