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Marketing 101 PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing 101

Marketing 101

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Marketing 101

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  1. Marketing 101

  2. Introductions Name Community name Position What is one interesting fact about you? What do you hope to accomplish and take away from this class?

  3. Agenda What is Marketing? The 5 P’s of Marketing Traditional Marketing Interactive Marketing Outreach Marketing What is your Marketing Role? Marketing Exercise

  4. What is Marketing?

  5. Marketing Marketing (mär'kĭ-tĭng) n. – The process of planning and executing the conception, pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services to create exchanges that satisfy individual and organizational objectives .

  6. Simple terms… Marketing is the process of presenting products and services to motivate and encourage customers to purchase. Marketing consists of the strategies and tactics used to identify, create and maintain satisfying relationships with customers that result in value for both the customer and the marketer.

  7. The Marketing Mix (5 P’s) People Product Price Promotion Placement

  8. PEOPLE Our associates (YOU) are the best individuals to create value, satisfy needs, and provide outstanding customer service to our customers. Our associates are professional and are the most important link between RedPeak and our customers.

  9. Creating Value, Creating Solutions Customers purchase because of a need, want or desire. Products and services that you offer must have value! Customers purchase solutions!

  10. PRODUCT/SERVICE A great place to call home along with exceptional customer service.

  11. PRICE The amount of money that a customer will pay for your product/service. How much will it cost to live at a beautiful RedPeak community?

  12. PROMOTION The way we inform, persuade, and remind our customers about our products and services. The way we present our communities!

  13. PROMOTION: Advertising Advertising is a public promotion of products or services; the business of drawing public attention to goods and services .

  14. PLACEMENT Place: The location we choose to purchase, maintain or build our communities. (Channels of Distribution) Placement of our advertising, how information about our products and services are delivered to customers.

  15. TRADITIONAL MARKETING Direct mailers to Residents and Prospects Community Flyers (i.e. Build-A-Flyer) Print collateral (i.e. business cards, postcards, brochures, etc.) Print advertisements



  18. EMAIL MARKETING 10-20% Increase in Internet usage per unit 5 P’s directly apply Target a specific demographic eCampaigns are less expensive than print Print rules translate to online Instant reports, tracking & integration Bottom line: eMarketing looks sleek, streamlines information & improves customer experience.

  19. SOCIAL MEDIA Develops a voice and personality Builds brand awareness & brand loyalty Increases exposure amongst residents & prospects Drives traffic to your website Generates leads

  20. What is SEO? What is SEO?

  21. What is SEO? Definition: Improving the visibility of your website in a search engine’s organic search results. Organic vs. paid search results Ad Word Lingo (Click, Impression, CTR, and Conversion) Increase your rank in search results RedPeak’s SEO strategy

  22. What is Outreach Marketing? Outreach marketing is the process of using marketing strategies to reach and educate the target market through the use of key messages and effective marketing programs

  23. Outreach Marketing Outreach is… • Repetition • Word of Mouth • Building relationships

  24. Outreach Marketing Benefits ? • Promote Community • Increase Traffic • Word of Mouth • Increased Exposure • Increase Occupancy • Build Relationships • Low cost per/lease

  25. Knowing your Customer • Who are you advertising to? • Where do you advertise? • Describe your target demographic. • Who lives at your community? • Major employers? Why is this important information?

  26. Preparation • Where am I going? • What am I taking? • What am I saying?

  27. Where am I going? • Small Business and Retailers • Doctor Offices/Vets • Schools • Coffee Shops • Restaurants • Salons • Preferred Employers • Hospitals • Airport • Major Employers • Other

  28. What am I Taking ? • Community Brochure • Business Cards • Flyers • Gift Card/ treat • Note Pad/Pen Enthusiasm!

  29. What am I Saying? Hi my name is Jennifer and I work at 1600 Glenarm! I do not want to take a lot of your time but I wanted to see if we could partner with each other to help generate more traffic for our businesses? Would it be ok if I left some flyers for your customers and employees. I would love to help generate some more business for you as well. Do you have any flyers, coupons, or other material that you would like to give to me? I would be happy to put them in our move in packets for you”

  30. Tips… Maximize your efforts and seek out opportunities that make the biggest impact! • Do your research • Set appointments • Professional appearance • Bring updated community information • Be genuine and friendly • Build relationship/partnerships • Sell the benefits and advantages • Tell them how promoting your community will benefit them

  31. Marketing Tools YOU Career Apparel/Name Badges Knowledge – Market Surveys Guest Cards/Follow up Community Website Standard Templates/Forms (move-in form, move-in folder, internet template, etc.)

  32. Marketing Effectively Know your Product Know your Customer Know your Market Know your Competition

  33. Your Marketing Role Present your community professionally and enthusiastically YOU are the first point of contact and YOU represent RedPeak Know your Community, Customer, Competition and Area Create and Build Value Asking for the Deposit!

  34. Marketing Exercise

  35. Review What is Marketing? The 5 P’s of Marketing Traditional Marketing Interactive Marketing Outreach Marketing What is your Marketing Role? Marketing Exercise

  36. Thank You!