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Concurrent Education

Concurrent Education

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Concurrent Education

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  1. Concurrent Education Year One 2010/2011

  2. Practice Teaching February 22-25, 2011 May 2-6, 2011 Mark on your calendar

  3. RECEIVING A PLACEMENT All placements will be sent directly to your email, from Sandra Minor. If you do NOT have a placement a week prior to placement, please come and speak to Sandra.

  4. DO YOU HAVE? Your PBC through your local municipal police station or OPP detachment? YOU CANNOT ATTEND YOUR PLACEMENT WITHOUT A CLEARED PBC! YOU ARE TO TAKE PBC TO PLACEMENT AND PROVIDE A COPY TO SANDRA MINOR Speak to Sandra Minor AFTER CLASS if you do NOT currently have your PBC or have NOT handed it in to Sandra.

  5. PLACEMENT • Contact your AT if you have already received your placement. If you do not have an email address, phone the school. • Introduce yourself, show enthusiasm for your placement • Ask questions about what they will be teaching the week of your placement • Ask AT if they have received their package. If they have not, please contact Sandra Minor immediately.

  6. PLACEMENT • Do not ask for placement dates to be changed. • Do not make arrangements with your AT to change dates. • If ill or unable to attend placement, contact both your AT and Sandra Minor. You could be requested to make up any missed placement. • Do not schedule appointments during placement

  7. PLACEMENT • Please complete the Work Placement Agreement form which is found on our website. You are to complete and fax back on the first day of placement. Make sure you put both placement blocks on the form.The form can be found on the Concurrent website: •

  8. Part A: Complete this, including your personal information as well as information regarding placement. Part B: Add both placement blocks where it asks for training dates. Include the hours of your placement. DO NOT complete Part C and D. Part E: You must sign as the Training Participant and the Principal must sign as work placement employer. Fax to 705-495-1303 to the attention of Sandra Minor

  9. Your Log Book • You will go over the expectations within the handbook in your Education and Schooling class. Remember to print off the handbook: • • You will hand this to your Education and Schooling Instructor the week of February 28- March 4 for marking. • February placement is OBSERVATION ONLY. You are not teaching at this time.

  10. Practice Teaching and Beyond:Professional Conduct and Deportment First impressions are lasting ones. Nipissing University - 2010 – 2011 Presented by Dr. Carole Richardson Associate Dean, Schulich School of Education

  11. Professionalism Conduct And Deportment • 1. PUNCTUALITY • make sure to contact AT to confirm when the school day begins • Arrive ½ prior to school day and stay at least 15 minutes after the formal end of the school day. Take lead of AT after your first day of placement • 2. DRESS • Dress in professional attire • On subsequent days, dress appropriately for the individual school environment.

  12. Professionalism Conduct And Deportment • 3. LANGUAGE/DEPORTMENT • Listen attentively and be respectful at all times when at your host school. • Strive to provide a positive model of oral and written language. • Use gender inclusive language and avoid the use of slang. • You are a visitor – do not be drawn into school conflicts

  13. Professionalism Conduct And Deportment • 4. STAFFROOM TALK • The staffroom is a public place. • Do not be drawn into criticizing other teachers or the administration. • Frame discussions of student issues positively, with a focus on improving your own teaching practice. • 5. CONFIDENTIALITY • Do not release any information about a student to anyone. Refer the request to your associate teacher. • Student confidentiality/anonymity must be protected even after returning to Nipissing.

  14. Professionalism Conduct And Deportment • 6. STUDENT SAFETY • Refer any request to release a student from the classroom to your associate teacher. • You cannot legally assume the responsibilities of a certified teacher: • Yard duty alone • Occasional teaching (supply) • Teaching alone in your Associate’s classroom

  15. Professionalism Conduct And Deportment • 7. INTERNET CONTACT • MSN – It is unprofessional to add students to your MSN contact list or to allow them to add you. • Facebook is in wide use. Be aware of your presence on it both as a student/teacher; reconsider pictures and message boards from an admin/parent perspective. Do not respond to friend requests from your students. • Limit student internet contact to board/school approved uses.

  16. Professional Problems? • If you encounter serious personal or profession problems, please contact: • Sandra Minor, Placement Coordinator, F206 • Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm • • Program Chair, Nancy Maynes • Student Services (705) 474 3461 ext. 4362