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movie, film; terrible, awful

5. 8. 3. 1. 2. 7. 6. 4. movie, film; terrible, awful. win, succeeds; angry, mad. believe, think; rich, wealthy. found, discovered; easy, simple. N. T. F. T. T. beards. electricity. buggies. Pennsylvania Dutch. independent. P ennsylvania Dutch is similar to German.

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movie, film; terrible, awful

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  1. 5 8 3 1 2 7 6 4

  2. movie, film; terrible, awful win, succeeds; angry, mad believe, think; rich, wealthy found, discovered; easy, simple

  3. N T F T T beards electricity buggies Pennsylvania Dutch independent

  4. Pennsylvania Dutch is similar to German. The Amish don’t like people to take photographs of them. Amos left school four years ago. Amish women usually wear dresses and white hats. Tomorrow, Jenny and her family are going toHersheypark.

  5. They are driving through whilst on vacation. They are traveling by car. Jenny is about 18 years old. “Englishers” is what the Amish call people who aren’t Amish. No, because she thinks she’d go crazy without TV. She also says, “I think it’s hard to live in the past like that.”

  6. the Amish Amos and his mom piece of paper Jenny, her mom and dad Hersheypark Lancaster County the reason the Amish don’t have electricity Pennsylvania Dutch

  7. the movie Witness Philadelphia policeman (Harrison Ford’s character) tourists to Lancaster County Amish who are no longer farmers things the Amish make to sell

  8. c d b

  9. d b c a b

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