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2014 Journey Management Training PowerPoint Presentation
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2014 Journey Management Training

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2014 Journey Management Training
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2014 Journey Management Training

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  1. 2014 Journey Management Training Shell Alaska Venture Journey Management Group Logistics

  2. Journey Management objectives • Why it’s done? • Goal Zero/ Life Saving Rules • When it applies? • Pre Travel Prep • Pre Travel HSSE • Travel Process • Journey Safety • Journey Security • Contact Information

  3. Why is journey management required? • Your Safety! • The Alaska Venture is committed to “Goal Zero” • No one gets hurt and we cause no harm to the environment. If we can’t do it safely and without harm to the environment, we won’t do it. • It is one of the Life Saving Rules: • Follow the prescribed Journey Management Plan (JMP) • Managing “Personnel on Board” (POB) • Journey Management enables Shell to track and manage the risk and exposure for each individual working for the Alaska Venture. • Tracks individual location, flight, or marine vessel for accurate reporting and accountability. • Billing • Ensures project cost’s are billed appropriately.

  4. Journey Management Plan (JMP) Requirements When is a JMP needed? When traveling in Alaska on Shell business. • For all air travel within the state of Alaska • When driving outside of the Anchorage bowl (Wasilla to Girdwood) • Pre-travel preparation:   • Take required training for the Alaska Venture and your work task • Have specific credentials and proper PPE • Be aware of potential hazards and health considerations • Know location check-in/out process and security requirements • Understand group travel requirements for air or ground transportation • Where do I find required forms?  • On the Alaska Venture Journey Management Webpage under “Tools” • http://www.shell.us/home/content/usa/aboutshell/projects_locations/alaska/hsse/index_jmp.html

  5. Air Travel – Journey Management PROCESS • You or your travel arranger notifies the Alaska JM Group (JMG) by email (GXUAAKRequestTravel@shell.com)at least10 days prior to travel. The email must include traveler(s) name, general trip explanation, and a travel request form. • The Alaska JMG logs your personal information into the journey management system, verifies your training status, books your Alaska air travel beyond Anchorage and sends your confirmation/itinerary. • Air travel to Anchorage (from outside of Alaska), hotel accommodations and ground transport are to be arranged according to your corporate travel policy. • Any air travel within Alaska is to be booked via the AK JMG • For crew changes, JMG arranges camp/ground transport during operating season. • Changes to your travel itinerary must be conveyed to JMG:(GXUAAKRequestTravel@shell.com)

  6. Travel Request Form The Travel Request Form sent to you from the AK Journey Management Group may request personal information including: Full Name (First/Middle/Last) Date of Birth Gender Company Position Title Best Contact # Emergency Contact # Email address Citizenship Passport with expiration date

  7. Air Travel- Travel Request Form

  8. ROAD TRAVEL JMP PROCESS • Defensive Driving training (with commentary/winter emphasis ) is required October 1 through May 1. • Determine if driving is the best option. • Traveler/contractor completes a Road Journey Management Plan Form, which includes number of passengers, arrival/departure date and destination. • Traveler submits JMP to Shell sponsor for review/approval • SPONSOR reviews for completion (including drivers training requirements and required credentials; contact HSSE for driving requirements) • Traveler submits APPROVED Road JMP to GX UA AK Travel Inform Email:(gxuaaktravelinform@shell.com) • Traveler follows JMP as documented, reports any changes to Sponsor and Journey ManagementGroup • Communicates arrival if, and as,  documented in Journey Management Plan.

  9. Road trip plan example

  10. Road trip plan example

  11. Baggage restrictions • Shell charter flight baggage restrictions (helicopters and fixed-wing): • 2 bags total • 60 pounds (27 kg) total per passenger • Maximum weight for one bag is 40 pounds (18 kg) • Offshore passengers must use soft-sided /duffel bag style luggage • Food must be unopened and sealed in original packaging • Medicines must be declared and in original/labeled bottles • Have tools of the trade such as tool boxes? • All freight or materials above 50 pounds must be shipped according to materials coordinator requirements. • Must be less than 50 lbs and carried/escorted with the person responsible for material • Do NOT ship freight to Shell offices to manage. • Materials Coordinator: Todd VenHuizen todd.venhuizen@shell.com @ 907-227-8530

  12. Security & prohibited items – work locations All baggage is subject to search and prohibited items are subject to seizure. X-ray and physical searches may be performed at Shell’s discretion. Prohibited items on Commercial Flights, Shell Charter Flights: • Full compliance with TSA regulations regarding HAZMAT and weapons • Contraband – illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, and alcohol • Weapons – firearms/ammunition, pepper spray, and knives (> 3” blade) • Cigarette lighters – Only “Zippo type lighters” or matches allowed • Pornography, sexually offensive material • Cultural artifacts (excludes crafts) and unlawful animal remains • Other items deemed inappropriate by Shell security • Radios /electronics unless batteries removed and wrapped separately • Hazardous materials are not permitted • HAZMAT must be declared and manifested properly

  13. Contact information and resources • Email: GXUAAKTravelINFORM@Shell.com • Questions and inquiries • Approved Road Journey Management Plan • Shell employees’/contractors’ air travel itineraries to/from Anchorage (Shell Business Continuity purposes) • Email: GXUAAKRequestTravel@Shell.com • Commercial air travel requests within Alaska • Chartered air travel requests within Alaska • Crew travel requests within Alaska • JMP source documents: • Alaska Venture Journey Management specific requirements (external access) http://www.shell.us/home/content/usa/aboutshell/projects_locations/alaska/hsse/index_jmp.html • Alaska Venture Journey Management TRF http://s07.static-shell.com/content/dam/shell/static/usa/downloads/alaska/alaska-trf1-pub-00012.pdf • Materials Coordinator: Contact Todd VenHuizen at todd.venhuizen@shell.com @ 907-227-8530 • Problems, emergencies, or questions? Call: 907-771-SAFE (7233); available 24/7/365