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San Antonio

San Antonio

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San Antonio

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  1. San Antonio Michael Echeveste

  2. Table of Contents Mission Site Father Serra and Founder of Mission Mission Layout and Bell Tower When and where Mission was built Agriculture and Livestock Indians Joining this Mission Significant Events Population Current Use of Mission What I Liked Best Bibliography Back to main menu

  3. When Mission was Built (Founded) • My mission was found in July 14,1771. Father Serra built my mission with lots of Indians because it took hard work and lots of thinking.

  4. Mission Site • My mission site is in Santa Lucia. Father Serra built my mission on a military base and he got Indians to join and help make it because he needed a lot of help to make my mission.

  5. Father Juniper Serra • My mission was found by Fr. Juniper Serra and he was a old man he was about seventy years old when he died and when he built my mission he was about 30 years old.

  6. Founder of Mission • My mission was found by Fr. Juniper Serra. Father Serra built my mission on a military base he was also young when he built my mission because he was about 30.

  7. Mission Layout and Bell Tower

  8. Agriculture and Livestock • The agriculture is this mission quickly became a self surfeit. The livestock is in its peak livestock year of 1828.Ranchos Sanbornton and San Bartolommeo del peyote were used

  9. Indians Joining this Mission The Indians joining the mission took a while to get a lot of Indians at the time but later on there was a lot of Indians joining the mission.

  10. Population The population is the highest record population. The population was 1,217 in 1806.There was more then 7,000 Indians joining in the population.

  11. Significant Events • In 1776 lt. col. Juan Batista de Anza stayed at the mission with 240 immigrants from Sonora they stayed in beds when they stayed at San Antonio mission.

  12. Current Use of the Mission The current use of the mission I did for my report is San Antonio because it is a retreat center and a good mission to learn about because it was hard work to built my mission.

  13. I like the best of my mission is that it is on a military base. • I like the best of my mission because it is on a big military base. The bad thing is my mission got destroyed 27 times it also got destroyed by earthquakes and floods.

  14. Bibliography