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Human Rights

Human Rights . Mashu Norizuki. Pakistan. Pakistan (Capital… Islamabad). Total Area (square kilometers) . 796,095 km2 About twice of japan. Pakistan. Japan. Total Population. Currently , about 188 million people

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Human Rights

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  1. Human Rights Mashu Norizuki

  2. Pakistan

  3. Pakistan (Capital… Islamabad)

  4. Total Area (square kilometers) 796,095 km2 About twice of japan Pakistan Japan

  5. Total Population Currently, about 188 million people Since 2005, they having trouble to count the population in Pakistan, because Afghan peoples moving to the Pakistan, the reason is their have combat inAfghanistan(immigrant).

  6. GNP 2013... 10379262 PKR Million 2012… 9785335 PKR Million The Pakistan GNP Are Increasing

  7. Type of government Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Sharif faction

  8. Head of the Pakistan President… Mamunun Hussein (2013〜) Prime minister… NawazuSharif (2013〜)

  9. Unit of currency PKR (Pakistan Rupee)

  10. Official Language(s) Urdu/English

  11. Basic Urdu Good morning = صبحبخیر / Sabāhbixair Hello = السلام علیکم. / Assalāmu alaikum How are you? = كيا حال ﮨے؟ / Kyā hāl hai? I‘m fine. = ٹيک ہے. / Ṭīk hai Goodbye = خدا حافظ. / Hudā hāfiz Help me! = بچاو! / Bacāo!

  12. Life expectancy (male and female) 
 Male… 63 years old Female… 64 years old

  13. Literacy % (male and female) In biological, percentage is 100 boys born and girl is 95. However, the infant mortality rate of boy is inherently higher than girls so actually it is same percentage.

  14. Field Hockey Field hockey is similar to ice hockey, the difference between ice hockey and field hockey is the place to play, ice hockey use ice but field hockey use ground. The basic material is stick and small ball, both team try to score on opponent’s goal. Each team suppose has 11 player.

  15. Result of the Field Hockey World Cup(Pakistan) 1971 in Barcelona… first place (1-0) 1975 in Kuala Lumpur… second place (1-2) 1978 in Buenos Aires… first place (3-2) 1982 in Mumbai… first place (3-1) 1990 in Lahore… second place (1-3) 1994 in Sydney… first place (PS 4-3)

  16. 5 Famous People in Pakistan -MalalaYousafzai Working for girls rights in Pakistan -Abdus Salam Was awarded the Nobel Prize in physicscategory -サイード横田絵玲奈 Working in Japan as an idle, she is half Japanese and half Pakistani -Munir Ahmed Dar He is field hockey player in national team. Three times, he went to world cap as national team. -Muhammad Ali Jinnah the person who did founding of a nation of Pakistan

  17. Women Rights

  18. Women Right in Pakistan In Pakistan, their have kind of discrimination are happening to women. In the culture of Pakistan,people are thinking women should work for men, that’s why the small girls cannot go to school freely. In one incident, someone killed the people, the parent said the criminal is two women for no reason, because the parent are believing the culture of the Pakistan so they are discriminate to them. That’s the reason parent decide criminal is two women.

  19. What is actually happening? At school in Pakistan, the Islamic extremist is attacking on school if their have girls. Islamic extremist said if the girls are going to school, that’s assumed to be breaking the culture, that’s why Islamic extremist attacking on school.

  20. MalalaYousafzai She is working on women rights for Pakistan, because she has not agreed on that girl cannot go to school and their no free like a men. She is talking about the women rights in many of the country and she is also a Nobel Prize candidate. At now, so many people supporting MalalaYousafzai’s work. However, when she is going to school, someone shot her body with a gun.

  21. Governmental response Government said MalalaYousafzai is national pride, but actually they are not supporting on education seriously. The government are spending the money for education is only one-tenth of defense funds. Still they didn’t fixed the relationship with Islamic extremist.

  22. Pakistan Government defense funds Education

  23. What kind of organization/group are helping those kind of people?(Japanese group) (Dominate) (Funding) (Support the refugees) (Support) (Support the dissemination of non-formal education)

  24. What can I do for those peoples? I can donate 0.5 Dollar or give the pencil and eraser. But that still can help for the people who can’t go to school. That I thought anew is we need be more serious on studying, because they want to study but the can’t,but we can study but some people don’t want to.

  25. I interested on MalalaYousafzai’s working, because she influenced lot of people, and actually Pakistan are thinking about education and women rights more than few years ago. The point is any changed or revolution started from one person, in this case, that is MalalaYousafzai. I agree on MalalaYousafzai opinion and If I have chance to help them, I want to.

  26. Resources http://matome.naver.jp/odai/2136377417785706401 http://www.nhk.or.jp/worldwave/marugoto/2013/10/1015.html http://www.plan-japan.org/girl/special/?lp_plan http://www.cnn.co.jp/showbiz/35036216-2.html

  27. THE END…

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