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Gifts of the Holy Spirit PowerPoint Presentation
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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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  1. Gifts of the Holy Spirit By: Ronan

  2. Gift: Courage Steve Backshall travels around the world to inform people about dangerous animals and puts his life in danger. Steve does not feel afraid to get close to any dangerous animal. He sometimes lets non poisonous animals bite him. He is not afraid to do anything like swim with sharks or use a canoe to come close to a whale. Steve backshall

  3. Gift: Right Judgement Mary Mackilop set up a school for children that where poor. She didn’t judge them with the fact they were poor. Even though they had lots to learn she still kept teaching them. She didn’t judge them by there appearance either. St. Mary mackilop

  4. Gift: Wisdom My mum always knows what to do when I'm having trouble with something. My mum always knows the right answer to any question I ask her. She shares things with me and I learn form her experiences. I would say that’s why her gift is wisdom. My mum

  5. Gift: Knowledge Every time I go to church Fr. Brian always knows what good and bad things are happening around the world. Fr. Brian is a source of knowledge and inspiration. He is not only knowledgeable when it come to religious matters but also when it comes to current affairs. He always knows what is going on around the world and in Australia in various fields and begins the mass by sharing this with everyone. Fr. Brian

  6. Gift: Understanding Whenever a friend of mine is feeling unhappy I try my best to make them feel better. I make sure I have an understanding with what’s bothering them. Then I try to help them out with what’s bothering them. I even help them out when they have something like cuts or bruises. Me

  7. Gift: Reverence Mother Theresa travelled to the poorest places and there she would provide the people there food, water and sanitation. Mother Theresa showed Reverence by caring for the poor.She treated them like normal people. She also fed the children like they where her own. Mother Theresa

  8. Gift: Courage Neil Armstrong was the first man to step on the moon. Neil showed courage by choosing to go to the moon. Even though it was optional he still chose o go. He didn’t feel scared that the ship would crash and he would die. Neil Armstrong