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  1. MDC,LDC, & HDI More Developed Countries, Less Developed Countries, and Human Development Index

  2. MDC versus LDC More Developed Country Less Developed Country Low Per Capita GDP Low Life Expectancy Low Literacy Rates Low Expected Years of Education High % of Rural Population Little Developed Infrastructure High Birth Rate High Death Rate Unstable Population Growth High Infant Mortality Rate Low HDI Ranking • High Per Capita GDP • High Life Expectancy • High Literacy Rates • High Expected Years of Education • High % of Urban Population • Developed Infrastructure • Low Birth Rate • Low Death Rate • Stable Population Growth • Low Infant Mortality Rate • High HDI Ranking

  3. If you sleep in a bed, put your food in a refrigerator, clothes in a closet, drive or walk to school on a paved road, get to see a doctor or a dentist, you live in a MDC

  4. If you sleep on the floor, wonder where your next meal is coming from, have on your only set of clothing, walk 6 miles to the only school in your city, and have never seen a doctor or even heard of a dentist, you live in a LDC.

  5. MDC

  6. LDC

  7. GDP • G – Gross = Total • D – Domestic = Inside a country’s borders • P – Product = Value of goods and services • GDP – Gross Domestic Product equals the total value of all goods and services produced inside a country’s borders. Used as an economic indicator. The higher the GDP the wealthier the country.

  8. USA GDP Malawi GDP $ 4.7 Billion • $ 14.1 trillion

  9. Per Capita GDP • Per Capita GDP is the GDP of a country divided by the total population. Gives a more accurate representation of the typical citizens way of life.

  10. Per Capita GDP of USA Per Capita GDP of Malawi $ 821 • $ 46, 860

  11. Life Expectancy • Life Expectancy – The number of years a person is expected to live in a given country. The higher the life expectancy the more developed the country. • Life Expectancy in the USA is 78 years. • Life Expectancy in Uganda is 53 years.

  12. Literacy Rate and Expected Years of Education • Literacy Rate – The % of adults that can read and write. High Literacy Rates are found in more developed countries. • Literacy Rate in the USA 99 %. • Literacy Rate in Mali 23.2 %. • Expected years of Education – Average number of years the typical citizen will spend in school. Higher number of years will be found in your MDCs. • Expected years in Australia 20.7 years • Expected years in Turkey 10.1 years

  13. Infrastructure Infrastructure – a system of roads, ports, and other facilities found in MDCs and necessary to have a modern economy.

  14. Birth Rate & Death Rate Birth Rate – number of births a year for every thousand people in a country. Death Rate – number of deaths a year for every thousand people in a country. Death Rate is a rough indicator of the mortality situation in a country, it accurately indicates the current mortality impact on population growth. High Death Rates are found in LDCs. Angola Death Rate 23.4 Canada Death Rate 7.98 • Birth Rate is the dominant factor in determining the rate of population growth. • High Birth Rates are found in LDCs. • USA Birth Rate 13.83 • Afghanistan Birth Rate 38.37

  15. Infant Mortality Rate • Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) - the number of deaths of infants under one year old in a given year per 1,000 live births in the same year. Higher IMRs are found in LDCs. • IMR in Afghanistan 149.2 • IMR in Japan 2.78

  16. What do these things have in common??

  17. They are all rankings! HDI – Human Development Index is a RANKING of the level of development of countries.

  18. The HDI uses all of the statistics we have talked about to rank countries level of development. • Key statistics used to determine HDI • Per Capita GDP • Expected Years of Education • Life Expectancy

  19. highest HDI Rankings

  20. Lowest HDI Ranking

  21. MDC vs LDCput the following statistics in the correct category • High Life Expectancy Low Literacy Rate • Low IMR Low Birth Rate • High Urban Population Unstable Population Growth • High Death Rate Low HDI Rank High GDP • Low Death Rate High Birth Rate • High HDI Rank No Infrastructure • High Rural Population Stable Population Growth • Low GDP Low Per Capita GDP • Well Developed Infrastructure • High Literacy Rate Subsistence Based Economy • Low Expected Years of Education • Low Life Expectancy High Per Capita GDP • Free Market Economy High IMR