how to give a good care to newborn baby n.
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How to Give a Good Care to Newborn Baby? PowerPoint Presentation
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How to Give a Good Care to Newborn Baby?

How to Give a Good Care to Newborn Baby?

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How to Give a Good Care to Newborn Baby?

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  1. How to Give a Good Care to Newborn Baby? A newborn baby means lots of happiness & cheers, and for maintaining this happiness you must give a good care to your sweet baby for his/her happiness & good health. Some important steps you must not avoid.

  2. Keep Your Baby in the Light Room: Don't leave your baby in dark room because it may let them feel fear.(If you don't have a sunlight and spacious rooms then you can choose dim light electronic bulbs and something like that.

  3. Be With Your Baby: Always keep your baby close to you because loneliness let them feel alone and here they start crying.

  4. Give Them Good Sleep: Whenever your baby sleep keeps something lightweight on his/her chest to give them the feel of you around them always. As a lightweight pillow, blanket etc.

  5. Feed Them Healthy Foods: Choose healthy foods always in the place of just choosing top brands foods. For starting 4 to 6 months mother milk is the best source for their hunger. After these months select healthy things like Boil pulse water, cerelac etc.

  6. Don't Keep Them On Height: Avoid leaving them alone on height places as table, bed etc. If you have no option than it, don't forget to round the place with things as pillow etc. It helps in not letting them fall on the floor.

  7. Keep Them Warm and Dry: Always keep your baby warm and dry to avoid sick, cold and any major illness. If your baby is using Huggies etc don't forget to change it time to time.

  8. Take The Help Of Nanny: If you can't give enough time to your baby. Keep nanny for it. They are trained for it. There are lots of points, some major I mentioned. Hope it will help to keep your baby happy & healthy.