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  1. PRIMERICA The Greatest Opportunity Of Our Lifetime…

  2. How to do a recruiting presentation The best way to set a KT appointment is to get a New recruit off to a fast start. OR Prospect face to face, or get referrals and set an interview or a KT. (When prospecting face to face look for wedding rings.)

  3. How to do an interview to get to the KT

  4. Questions to ask to get to the KT Who other than yourself would be involved in making a career decision? (WFA) My spouse Great! I’m guessing you are the kind of people that make decision based on all the facts, not partial facts. Would I be right in assuming that? (WFA) yes. Great! Then I need to get with the both of you so I can get you all the facts, and you can make an informed decision together. I have tonight or would tomorrow night be better?

  5. (Coach them on what to say to their spouse!) I know a guy/ girl looking for a business partner. They are coming over tomorrow night to show us exactly what they’re looking for, and what I’d be doing. I set it up for both of us to be there at 6pm tomorrow night okay? (If they’re single invite them to the opp Mtg) Is there anything you cant get out of ________ night at 7pm? (WFA) No. Great! Since there’s nothing you cant get out of I need you to be at my office at 7pm______, Now I’m gonna have a seat saved and a name on a list so can you promise me you’ll be there? (WFA) yes. You’re a man/ woman of your word right? (WFA) Yes K I’ll see you ______ at 7pm here’s the address.

  6. How to do get an IBA At the KT

  7. What to say to get the IBA • Okay then here’s what’s gonna happen. • I’m gonna get your application started • Ask you some background questions • And we’ll get your background check started okay? (WFA) okay? • Great! Grab your drivers License for me.

  8. Once you have gotten the IBA • Do their FNA, get their life app completed. • Get them off to a Fast start, help them set apt ect…

  9. 500,000 500,000 10,000 $1,260,000 100 300 200 26,000 1. 6-8wks to get you covered, 2. I’m gonna as med ?’s, 3. I am gonna to take 1st mo’s prem tonight, 4. It will conditionally cover you when I leave your home tonight okay? WFA okay. Great grab ur D.L. for me.

  10. Making the decision to win


  12. 1. Be Coachable • -show up early 6:15 @ opp if F/T 6:30pm if P/T! • Follow The system always, even when you think you have a better way (duplication) • Be at everything/ never miss! • Full timers should be to: • -Monday morning epn • Thursday morning calls 9am • oppmtg 6:15pm • training 6:15pm • Set 8-10 new kt’s per wk and up on 6-8! MEETINGS ARE APPOINTMENTS

  13. Magic starts at 25 people attendance • Become an incredible inviter/ promoter of all meetings(is there anything u cant get out of?) • Attendance contests. Steak & Beans, Car wash, A team vs B team, Get creative! • You need an enviorment to recruit! They join the environment, not a prof. biz • People need to act right. (you cant influence a sporting event no matter how loud you cheer, but you can influence this enviroment which does affect everyone) • Music, Mic,Clap, Be Excited, Must have new direct guests! Magical Opp Nights

  14. Environment is not just a major key IT IS THE KEY to success! • How is it created?: • 1-all agents showing early & Staying late! • 2-Selling out to how important mtgs are! • 3-Focus on Growing Agent/Guest attendance week after week! • 4-We are a people business FOCUS ON THEM SHOWING UP TO EVERYTHING! why would you focus on anything else?!! Just put butts in chairs as many as you can to everything! and everything else that frustrates you will go away! ENVIRONMENT

  15. Communication is the key to meeting attendance 1-Call everyone you can 2-Send out group texts constantly 3-always have 10 invites 4-always know exactly how many people you have coming to opp and training agents & guests! COMMUNICATION

  16. PEOPLE SKILLS • 1- Champions understand people skills are a must • 2-Learn to hold people accountable through inspiring them! • 3-Move People through the system FAST: • 1-Fast Start (death claim) • 2-Team Captain • 3-RVP/ SVP/ NSD/ SNSD RECRUITING

  17. Don’t think small is big always ask yourself compared to what? • Leadership is initiative!! • 1-initiating the phone call, the conversation while prospecting, helping your new rec get off to a fast start, showing up first ect… LEADERSHIP!