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Pacing Guide Professional Development PowerPoint Presentation
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Pacing Guide Professional Development

Pacing Guide Professional Development

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Pacing Guide Professional Development

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  1. Pacing Guide Professional Development Social Studies Grades 3-4-5

  2. Pacing Guide Purpose • Living document created by teachers to identify the grade level standards and indicators • Document is meant to provide a time line for the teaching of standards and indicators • Resource for teachers to organize and pace instruction • Address mobility issues • Revisions based on input from teachers

  3. The social studies curriculum includes a rigorous study of history, practices and products, geography, economics, government, and citizenship.  Students are expected to know and apply the facts about central ideas, events, people, and works that have shaped our world.

  4. Yes, you have the paper copy. Here’s a way to get it online.

  5. Revised Organization

  6. What does Edusoft have to do with all of this?

  7. Item response 39% Question 9: Compare and contrast Information on a single topic or theme Across different text and non-text resources.

  8. Edusoft – More than just for scanning the quarterly assessments.

  9. District Support Materials

  10. Activities in this book reinforce social studies concepts and skill. There is one activity for each lesson.

  11. This is an organized, systematic way to help struggling students using direct vocabulary instruction, systematic fluency practice and comprehension strategies.

  12. A variety of activities designed to help enhance students’ understanding of events and issues throughout history.

  13. Leveled Readers may be used for small-group reading, shared reading, buddy reading, literature circles or reading at home.

  14. Time for Kids Readers – Same as leveled readers

  15. One Stop Planner for Teachers: All resources on this C.D.

  16. Harcourt Multimedia Biographies: • Resources to learn about • famous people • -Biographical information • -Links to pictures, maps and • keyword descriptions • -Time lines • -Ideas for books to read

  17. Success for English Language Learners -English-language development -Background and concepts -Vocabulary extensions

  18. Organizations Field Trips Upcoming professional development: October/BGSU

  19. On your TPS Computer: Click on My Computer Click on the (P:) Drive Look for Kim Hess Social Studies I’ll be putting resources for social studies there

  20. The idea is to start with the students and their needs and then to design lessons that teach to those needs. This alignment is one way to take what we have and to find a way to use it to make a difference in student achievement - after all, isn't that our goal? Hope is not a strategy!