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Word Up! PowerPoint Presentation

Word Up!

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Word Up!

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  1. Word Up! Subtitle Presenter Authored by Frank Hamelly, Microsoft MVP Regional Chapters

  2. GP 2010 allows you to quickly and easily e-mail single documents, batches of documents, or multiple documents from a list.

  3. Some of the supported documents that can be used and modified using the new MS Word templates:

  4. Okay, so how do we set this up? Microsoft Dynamics GP >> Tools >> Setup >> Company >> Email Settings

  5. Mark the documents you want to print with Word Templates in SOP

  6. Click on the Sales Setup button to select the documents you want to enable for Customers

  7. Multiple Customers can be easily enabled for e-mail from Customers Navigation List.

  8. Setup e-mail addresses for Customers or Vendors via the Internet Information window.

  9. E-mail address entered in the Customer Internet Information window defaults on the transaction. If you need to change an E-mail address on the fly, use the Email Detail Entry window.

  10. You can immediately e-mail this document to the Customer by looking it up from the Inquiry window and using the ‘Send Document in E-mail’ button.

  11. You can select and send E-mail for multiple documents and Customers, and use filters to narrow the results in the Navigation List window.

  12. Using MS Word Templates Word templates offer some nice advantages over Report Writer forms, such as enhanced graphics capabilities.

  13. The Word Add-in is required for all users who print the MS Word templates

  14. The Add-in provides access to GP fields from within Word. Once installed, you will find a “Field List” icon on the Developer tab. This enables you to add fields from tables used by Report Writer into the Word template. If you don’t see the Developer tab in Word, enable it in Word Options>> Popular>>Show Developer tab in the Ribbon. Navigation to add Developer tab may vary depending on the version of MS Office (must be at least Office 2007)

  15. It’s recommended to enable only the documents for which you want to print Word templates. Disable the rest.

  16. Once a template is assigned to a report, make sure to use the ‘Assign’ button to set the report as ‘Default’ for the company.

  17. Some helpful tips on setting up these features in GP 2010 • Word templates are based on Report Writer reports. If you need additional data in your templates, you still need to modify the R/W report so the additional information is included on the Modified report. Also, make sure security is granted to the Alternate Modified Forms and the Report ID has been changed to use the Modified report so the new information can be used on the Word template. • On the client workstation, check Add/Remove Programs and verify that the following two items are installed: • * Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word • * Open XML SDK 2.0 for Microsoft Office (this should be dated 4/1/10 or later) – Ideally this should be installed initially with GP. Note: These two items are required to ensure MS Word templates can be modified and E-mailed.

  18. A user printing and sending E-mails using the Word template should be a Local Administrator on the workstation. • If using MS Office 2010 and sending documents as attachments using the PDF format and ALL of the format options available (DOCX, HTML, PDF and XPS) are not marked in the Company E-mail Settings window, E-mails will not be created and sent. The user will get the error “You must have the Microsoft Save As PDF or XPS Add-In for 2007 Microsoft Office installed to send documents”. All format options should be enabled to resolve this issue.

  19. Wrap-up Thanks for joining us! Some helpful links: • Adding the Developer tab in Microsoft Word after installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word – Video • Adding the Developer tab in Microsoft Word after installing the Microsoft Dynamics GP Add-in for Microsoft Word - Video • Adding Fields to Word Templates • Performance issue when printing Word Templates • Word Templates not printing to the screen on a Citrix Environment • Using Word Templates in Dynamics GP

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