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DVD Database

DVD Database

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DVD Database

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  1. DVD Database LIS450RO Moffett

  2. Statement of Intent • To schematize an information organization system expressly aimed at capturing information about an evolving DVD collection owned by the author. The embodiment of the organization system will result in the formation of a searchable database housing surrogate and authority records. Moffett

  3. Expression of bibliographic objectives • The objectives of this information construct is threefold: • To enable me to find a DVD of which either • The title • The director • The writer • To show what I own by • A given director • A given writer • To allow for the differentiation among similar items in the database is known Moffett

  4. Meeting Objectives • To insure that the conceived information system meets the objectives articulated above, I began to resolutely analyze each objective and conceptualize a method to meet my information need. My conclusion was that present metadata schemas do not explicitly match my envisioned collection of data elements, which I plan to capture, and would overtly limit my ability to meet the goals of the database. • New Metadata Schema Moffett

  5. Metadata attributes: making implicit functions of elements explicit • The inclusion of the attributes of movie title, director, writer, genre terms, language, and date are included because they are required attributes and they explicitly function to achieve the first two objectives of the system. • A note field will be made available to provide the opportunity to present relevant data aimed at achieving the differentiation objective. • Other metadata attributes listed above are included because working in concert with required data fields they serve the function of achieving the differentiation objective. Moffett

  6. Visualizing the presentation of metadata attributes • A clear understanding of the dimensions provided to each data element is necessary to visualize an evolving information structure. The following diagram should provide an awareness of the conceptualization of each data element and its presentation on a database encoding form. • Database Presentation Form Moffett

  7. Names of directors, writers, and actors will be entered into the database as they would be spoken – not inverted. Titles that may be represented in multiple languages will be presented via the use of an equal sign, which will delineate the introduction of a title translation. Example: Le Fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulain = Ameile In the case of needing to add additional data to a field, as is the case, for genre terms, simply inserting a comma between each word will be satisfactory. Date: four characters Running time: minutes DVD discs: 1 disc not – not one disc Making methodology of data entry explicit Information entered into each field is entered via the flow of natural language. Consequently, and for the sake of consistency, the following two tables will illuminate the formatting of data. Moffett

  8. Authority Control • As the database grows so will the need to insure the differentiation among similar titles, directors, and writers. • Differentiation among similar information objects will be achieved by the creation of authority records. • Authority records for directors and writers will provide biographical information and a listing of movies each individual has contributed towards including a statement explicating the role they served. • Distinguishing similar titles will be achieved by analysis of information captured in surrogate records coupled with an examination of authority records. Moffett