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Google Analytics Web tracking API PowerPoint Presentation
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Google Analytics Web tracking API

Google Analytics Web tracking API

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Google Analytics Web tracking API

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  1. Google Analytics Web tracking API

  2. What is it? It is possible to gather, view, and analyze data about your website traffic just by embedding one of the most famous Google API This API is called Google Analytics API It is an intelligent tool for developers to get insites and understanding on whats happening on a website they built. It’s also a very important tool that helps in growing a websites and their availablity for maximum number of users. 2.

  3. Functionalities • With Google Analytics you can analyze visitor traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience and their needs. • Track the routes people take to reach you, and the devices they use to get there. This can be used to improve the visitor experience location-wise. • Track the time users are spending on each content • 2.

  4. Mashups • Uses analysed web-based reviews to display the best dishes for a given location. • It rovides Other details such as where to get the dishes, offers and some photos or the requested search.

  5. ... • Amazigg uses Google API together with other APIs to display the most popular, trending and unique products on amazon.

  6. Testing …testing..1..2..3.. • The total number of participants who tested this app were 10 • all students • All users were aged between 20 to 30 and university students • Our participants did not have any essential characteristics • There was no differences between the participant sample and the user population • our app is for any person who likes to play games and has android devise • no special requirements whatsoever

  7. COnt… • users to play the game and tell us about they experience • Task scenarios for testing was aimed • To find out if it is easy to find out what the game is all about and how to play it • Is the UI of game easy enough to navigate through it…?? • overall gameplay and what they think what should be changed to improve it.

  8. Testobjectivesweremet?! In the Report!