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Avail Effective Cleaning Services from a Reputable Cleaning PowerPoint Presentation
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Avail Effective Cleaning Services from a Reputable Cleaning

Avail Effective Cleaning Services from a Reputable Cleaning

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Avail Effective Cleaning Services from a Reputable Cleaning

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  1. Welcome To Taylor Maid Cleaning Service, LLC Follow Us:-

  2. Avail Effective Cleaning Services from a Reputable Cleaning Company Are you struggling to incorporate cleaning chores in between hectic work schedules and social commitments? Then by hiring a good professional and reputable cleaning company you can get your desired or required cleaning service which will be executed efficiently and conveniently resulting in ultimate satisfaction.

  3. Taylor Maid, is one of the top cleaning companies in Matthews, North Carolina, provides wide range of effective and custom-made cleaning services for its precious customers at an affordable price. We have years of experience in serving our customers with expert, professional and dedicated service.

  4. We use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning solutions to provide you with a service that will clean the dust and dirt from the surface without harming the environment and making your home free of contaminates, mold, bacteria, allergens and pollutants. Our efficient and well trained cleaners will execute the cleaning task with an ease without compromising on the quality or convenience. Having a clean home will help in portraying or reflecting a good or right image on your visitors, friends or clients. If you are bogged down with cleaning chores and you need some help, please give Taylor Maid, a custom-tailored, cleaning service in Matthews, North Caroline, a call. We offer various cleaning services for both residential and commercial customers at an affordable price.

  5. Our cleaning service can include anything from organizing and cleaning the pantry, storage areas, bathrooms and kitchens to polishing silverware or baseboard cleaning. All services can be customized as per your specific needs. Getting our maid service on a regular or occasional basis will help in alleviating the load of extra work which is generally occurs during holidays and weekends. Take advantage of our cost-effective cleaning services which can be “Taylor Maid” to meet your needs and will successfully give you a peace of mind.

  6. Contact Charlotte Cleaning Company Email: Phone: 704-323-1018 Mailing address:  1135 Four Lake Dr.  Suite G Matthews, NC 28105 Follow Us:-