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  1. LAY LEADER/LAY MEMBER Connecting the visions and plans of your congregation and your annual conference. By Sandy Zeigler Jackson

  2. Our Identity, Call, and Mission • “The mission of the church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ.” • “Local churches provide the most significant arena through which disciple-making occurs.” (Book of Discipline, 2004, ¶120) • Church is not only local but global • Organizational structure • Our mission (Book of Discipline) • Proclaim the gospel • Welcome people into the body of Christ • Lead people to God • Nurture people in Christian living • Send them out into the world

  3. Called to Spiritual Leadership • You are a spiritual leader • Keep the Main Thing – the MAIN THING 3. Cultivate Vision & Mission 4. Christian Conferencing

  4. Called to Love and Serve • Local Church’s Charge Conference • Lay Leader serve as Lay Member to Annual Conference(Recommended in Book of Discipline) • Responsibilities to Annual Conference • Interpret the actions and programs • Communicate the vision and needs of the local church • Linkage • Lay Leader – link local church with community • Lay Member – link local church to connectional church (worldwide) • Annual Conference • Unique geographic area • Annual meeting of the lay and clergy members of geographic area • Book of Discipline ¶251 (Lay Leader) ¶602.4(Lay Member) • Book of Discipline – sets forth the law of the church

  5. The Role of the Lay Leader • Advocacy • Modeling Discipleship • Building Awareness • Recognize and Celebrate the Ministry of the Laity • Meet with the Pastor • Serve on Various Committees • Charge Conference • Church Council • Finance Committee • Nominations and Leadership Development Committee • Staff/Pastor – Parish Relations Committee • Study • Inform Laity of educational opportunities • Assist the Council

  6. District and Conference Lay Leaders • District Lay Leader • Counterpart of Lay Leader in local church • Works in partnership with District Superintendent • Charged with training local church lay leaders • Fosters the role of laity in congregations, workplaces, homes, and communities • Supports and enables lay participation in the planning and decision making in district • District lay leader relates to organizational groups within the district (Lay Speaking, UMM, UMW, UMY)

  7. Continued… • Annual Conference Lay Leader • Works in partnership with the Bishop to represent the interest of laity • Relates to organized groups of laity • Advocates for lay ministries and promotes the role of laity

  8. The Role of Lay Member of Annual Conference • Requirements • A professing member • In good standing for at least one year • Active participant for at least four-years • Role of the Lay Member • Participates in annual conference sessions • Votes on all matters except ministerial relations • Reports to congregation and church council • Interprets actions of annual conference to congregation • Serves as member of staff/pastor-parish relations committee • Serves as a member of church council • Serves as a member of finance committee

  9. Continued… • Responsibilities • Prepare for annual conference • Study pre-conference journal and materials • Attend pre-conference district meetings • Understand conference process for conducting business • Develop general knowledge of the Book of Discipline • Meet with pastor, lay leader and congregation members to discuss issues • Participate During Annual Conference • Attend laity session • Participate in all sessions dealing with annual conference business • Listen to proceedings in order to make informed decisions • Participate in all worship experiences • Attend plenary and Bible Study sessions • Explore the resource display to gather information and ideas for ministry

  10. Continued… • Serve After Annual Conference • Share information about experience • Search web sites and general church news sources for information to share throughout the year General Conference -- meets every 4 years

  11. The Responsibilities of Lay Leader/Lay Member • Duel role encouraged by the Discipline • Serve in partnership with pastor and staff • Meet regularly with the pastor • Serve as a member of charge conference, church council, finance committee, lay leadership committee, staff/pastor-parish relations committee • Study and attend training to understand the church’s reason for existence • Inform laity of educational opportunities - Lay Speaking • Model Christian discipleship and grow in faith • Participate in annual conference sessions • Report to the congregation on the annual conference

  12. Improving Your Leadership“Lifelong process of study, prayer and discernment.” • Servant Leadership • Characteristics • Servant hood • Spiritual Gifts • Variety of gifts • Variety of services • Variety of activities You will want to: • Use a spiritual gifts assessment tool • Discover your area of ministry • Seek ways to use gifts • Thank God as you receive/recognize your gifts • Help others discover their spiritual gifts

  13. Continued… • Lay Speaking Ministries • UM system for Lay Leadership development • Lay speaker is a professing member of a local church • Lay speaker provides leadership in congregation • Dedicated to leading, communicating, caring • Local church lay speakers serve in local church • Certified lay speakers “serve beyond the local church” • Director of Lay Speaking • Where did lay speaking come from? • Why become a lay speaker? • Certified Lay Minister

  14. Continued… • Spiritual Disciplines • Life focused on devotion to God • Wesleyan Means of Grace • Prayer • Bible reading • Fasting • Holy Communion or Eucharist • Christian conferencing • Worship • Family devotions • Acts of piety and works of mercy • Cultivate relationship with God to lead others in spiritual growth

  15. Accountability - Covenant DiscipleshipChristian Conferencing/Leading MeetingsWorking Together in Ministry “Called to represent Christ to others” “All called to serve God in the priestly work of ministry” • Mutual Interdependence • New Ways to Work --Leadership Covenant -- Leading Change -- Appreciative Inquiry

  16. Skills for Shared Ministry • Communication with the pastor • Regular meetings • Building a partnership with the pastor • Understand the location of the congregation • Understand the people and their history • Learn by asking how the pastor sees God moving in the community • Pray with and for the pastor • Speak honestly with the pastor (giving/receiving feedback) • Support the pastor and encourage other laity to do the same • Communication skills • Active listening • Understand body language • Checklist for good communication • Conflict and Mediation Skills

  17. JUSTPEACE CENTER • Prepare for Conflict Transformation • Create well, not a wall • Allow the well to fill • Be well prepared • Be well • Engage Others in Conflict Transformation • Create a common well together • Share the well • Drink deeply together • Let it flow • Be well together

  18. Resources Leadership Development and Spiritual Formation • The Academy for Spiritual Formation • The Walk to Emmaus Leader Renewal and Training • Print Resources for the Lay Leader • Servant Leadership • Spiritual Gifts • Spiritual Disciplines • Christian Conferencing • Change/Conflict • Lay Speaking Courses and Resources