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TDI Hardwood Floors

TDI Hardwood Floors

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TDI Hardwood Floors

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  1. TDI Hardwood Floors

  2. Who we are : • We are a Victoria-based independent hardwood flooring company specializing in dustless sanding, installation, repair, refinishing and sales of all types of hardwood floors. • We provide high-quality service for both small and large jobs. Our employees are courteous and certified hardwood flooring technicians, trained in dustless sanding techniques at Bona training facility in Aurora, Colorado.

  3. Steve Curila, company founder and well-known local master craftsman, has over 30 years experience in the hardwood-flooring industry. Steve has a simple, customer focused philosophy: • “In every case, we offer our potential customer a free consultation so that they can explore all the possibilities available to them.” • Oftentimes, with the state-of-the-art technology that we utilize, existing floors can be restored to their original state, and you can enjoy the renewed beauty of hardwood floors with no dust. • If you require new hardwood floors, we will recommend a design and install the most suitable wood flooring to meet your requirements.

  4. Why Us? • Why we are different- • We make sure your home doesn't end up in a cloud of dust. • The person quoting on your work will also be working on your floors. • We give exact, fully-itemised pricing that will not change. • We only use high quality long-lasting products.

  5. Services • Hardwood floors refinishing • Repairing hardwood floors • Dustless sanding hardwood floors • Hardwood floor repairs • Hardwood floor repair victoria • Hardwood flooring installation victoria BC.

  6. Benefits of wood characteristics and value • Wood flooring gives warmth, beauty, and value to your home • Wood enhances the decor of any room • Homes with wood flooring sell faster and for higher prices. • Affordable • Wood keeps its value and will look beautiful for many years to come • It lasts much longer than carpet and linoleum, which that will cost money to be replaced • It's not expensive; get a quote now and find out.

  7. Easy to clean and maintain • New technology in wood stains and finishes means just minimal sweeping or vacuuming to take care of your wood floor • We provide professional cleaning products with all our floors that will benefit both your floor and your cleaning routine! • Ecological and green • Wood is a renewable and recyclable natural resource • Much of the wood used for floors is recycled from old ships, warehouses and barns

  8. Healthy and hygienic • Hardwood does not collect as much dust as carpets and other types of flooring so doesn't harbour harmful allergens the way carpets do • Leading health associations agree that wood floors are the perfect choice for a healthier homes • Variety and choice • There are a variety of different styles and fashions to choose from (traditional oak, trendy wenge, rustic pine, exotic bamboo, to name a few) • Lots of choice when • Our flooring specialists have extensive knowledge and experience in the hardwood flooring services and provide installation and refinishing hardwood floors in vicinity.

  9. Contact us: • Address : 2845 Acacia Drive, Victoria, B.C. V9B 5A2 • Tel : 250 361 1377 • Cell : 250 884 7409 • Email : • Website :