5 amazing benefits of a smart security system for your home n.
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5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Security System for Your Home PowerPoint Presentation
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5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Security System for Your Home

5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Security System for Your Home

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5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Security System for Your Home

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  1. 5 Amazing Benefits of a Smart Security System for Your Home

  2. INTRIDUCTION • Thebenefits of having a home security system are enormous and . Even a half decent system is quite capable of preventing break-ins and burglaries. In fact, even a yard sign from your security system provider is enough to make burglars think twice before breaking into your home. Another advantage of smart home security systems is the ability to keep an eye on your elderly parents or children whereby you are alerted when they reach home safe. 

  3. ANSWER YOUR DOOR FROM ANYWHERE • The video doorbell has become a standard feature that any security products distributor offers these days. A video doorbell enables you to see who is at the door regardless of whether you are upstairs or even out of town. The bell boasts of a two-voice system and a camera that allows you to talk to those who arrive at your door, regardless of whether they are invited or uninvited.

  4. Save money on home insurance premium • In a recent survey that featured the country’s ten largest insurance providers, it came to light that the average discount on insurance premiums for homes equipped with security systems was an astounding 20 percent. Just make sure to buy and get your alarm system fitted from a reputed security systems distributor who offers a valid ownership certificate that is accepted by your home insurance provider.

  5. Connect to your smart speakers • Modern smart home security systems connect seamlessly with smart speakers like Amazon’s Echo or Google’s Home. Such connectivity lets you control the security system from any place within your home or even outside of it. Elderly parents or busy families are likely to love the ability to voice- and remote-control lighting fixtures, smart thermostats and most importantly, the locks.

  6. Protect your pets during emergencies • The importance of security system can also extend to the safety of your pets, especially during emergencies. For instance, by installing monitored carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, you can enable the provider to call for help in case of emergencies. This way, even when you are not home, the safety of your pet is assured.

  7. Lower your utility bills • We all know how keeping the lights switched on deters burglars from breaking your home. However, keeping them on throughout the day can waste a lot of energy, especially if you are away for several days. What you can do instead is to control those lights remotely. With a smart home security system, you can also do the same for your sound systems or other appliances, which does a truly excellent job of faking your presence at home. And thanks to the remote control you can restrict energy usage and thereby save money.

  8. It’s a win-win • A security system for your home need not restrict itself to just sounding the alarm when there is an unauthorized intrusion. There is so much more it can do for you. Furthermore, most distributors and resellers include a free mobile or computer application that you can use to control all the different security devices. For instance, you could control your smart thermostat and adjust the temperature in keeping with your family’s preferences and schedule.

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