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Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF) PowerPoint Presentation
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Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF)

Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF)

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Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF)

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  1. Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs’ Forum (NYEF) P.0. Box 269Panchali Shahid Shukra FNCCIMilan Marg, Teku, Kathmandu, NepalTel: 4262061,4266889,4262218Fax: 4262007, 4261022E-mail: nyef@fncci.orgURL:

  2. The Organization • A membership based non profit organization • Established on September 26, 2003 • Promoted by the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry(FNCCI) • Aim of creating outstanding entrepreneurs through fellowships, idea exchange, trainings and advocacy among the Nepali Youth

  3. Our Vision Empowering Positive Business Thinking

  4. Objectives • Help young entrepreneurs in Nepal build fruitful and productive business networks and links among one another. • Facilitate exchange of experience in the different ways of building business and investment relations among young entrepreneurs. • Educate entrepreneurs about technology and build an innovative spirit among them. • Identify and execute strategies and actions to promote the emergence of socially responsible entrepreneurs. • Provide advisory services in the formulation and execution of business/industrial, and youth related policies, acts and programmes.

  5. Membership NYEF is open to all Nepalese between the ages of 18 to 35 with a clear interest in the ‘entrepreneurial development and growth’ in the nation

  6. Organizational Structure Executive Committee Members  Co Founders  General Members

  7. Activities • Organize capacity building programs, trainings, seminars, interaction programs, conferences for the members • Arrange business trips, project tours, internships and other practical experience gaining programs for members • Formulation of National Youth Policy

  8. Projects

  9. Nepal Youth Business Initiative • Modeled after the Prince of Wales Youth Business International (YBI) in UK • Mission is to be a National leader in helping disadvantaged young people become entrepreneurs. • Provide finance loan from Nrs. 50,000.00 – Nrs. 75,000.00 and a Mentor/Business Advisor • No collaterals required

  10. Peace Campaign • Initiated the national peace symbol on 27th June 2004 • Motto: ‘Nepali ko Chahana, Shanti ko Sthaphana’ • Mission: To create awareness and to motivate the Nepali people, not to give up hope of seeing a peaceful Nepal in the near future and also to serve as a continuous reminder for the need of peace in Nepal and to work toward Peace even on individual/collective capacities.

  11. Peace Campaign

  12. Education Beyond • Mission: “Imparting quality education through practical learning “ • To maintain the quality in the traditional education system and to equip the students with hands on experince of corporate culture and realistic ways of learning. • To provide scholarships and sponsorships to the efficient and outstanding but financially challenged students

  13. Association of Youth Organizations Network (AYON) • An umbrella organization for Youth Organizations in Nepal • Platform for collaboration, resource sharing and collective endeavor between Youth Organizations in Nepal. • NYEF is one of the founding members and taking the lead in AYON from the business sector .

  14. Young Achievers’ Award (YAA) • A tribute to the efforts, achievements and contribution of the young generation to the society • Encouragement, exposure and support to the young people to come up with own innovative idea in any field. • Direct the younger population of the country towards positive attitudes. • NRN involvement in this project as we also plan to recognize outstanding NRN youth in this event

  15. Chapters NYEF Biratnagar Chapter • Established on 21 September, 2004 • Supported by Chamber of Industries Morang (CIM), Biratnagar • 26 Members • Pokhara and Birgunj Chapters in the pipeline

  16. Future Plans • Establish greater cooperation with similar youth organizations worldwide • Expand its networking nationwide • Organize conferences and exchange programmes with leading youth chambers in other countries • Launch other initiatives to help young entrepreneurs to gain better insight into the prospective key business sectors of the future.

  17. Youth Unemployment • Currently over 300 million unemployed youth (18 - 35 years) in Asia

  18. Worldwide unemployed 300,000,000 20% potential entrepreneurs Less than 5% become entrepreneurs The Challenge

  19. Introducing Youth Entrepreneurship Program

  20. Introduction • Modeled after the Prince of Wales Youth Business International (YBI) in UK • Promoted by NYEF (Nepalese Young Entrepreneurs Forum) and FNCCI ( Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry • Mission is to be a National leader in helping disadvantaged young people become entrepreneurs.

  21. Objectives • To assist disadvantaged youth to develop their viable business ideas to enterprise • To develop capacity and skills of youth to make them able to sustain in an employment oriented job environment • To reduce unemployment gaps by promoting entrepreneurship along with innovation and leadership


  23. How do we start? Appoint Trustees Obtain Initial Fund Appoint Other Committees Evaluate pilot program and adjust model Roll out initiative Run pilot program

  24. Whom do we help? • Young People (18 - 35 Yrs.) • Disadvantaged - No Alternate Resources • Viable Business Idea • Will to Succeed

  25. What NYBI Provides? Finance Loan from Nrs. 50,000.00 – Nrs. 75,000.00 Mentor Business Advisor

  26. Micro credit Why Loans? Not Grants? Banks Require collateral Require track record Grants Limited funds Usually ‘adult’ only Requires peer group Rarely available

  27. How to become an Entrepreneur NYBI Curriculum Skills training Careers advice Business planning Banks Micro-credit Enterprise Support No Experience No Assets

  28. NYBI process flow Outreach Other career choice Initial meeting Business plan Panel interview Training Access to finance Allocation of mentor Business support Monitoring

  29. Program Structure Trustees Advisory Panel Local Board : other committees Management Team

  30. The Committees Trustees Boards and Panels • Entrepreneurs Advisory Panels(EAP) • Entrepreneurs Selection Panel (ESP) • Mentors Advisory Panel (MAP)

  31. Mentoring Models One on one - Urban Mentor Clinics - Rural

  32. The Process NYBI approaches potential individuals Helps in Initial Business plan Technical Evaluation Loan and Mentor Allocation Selection Interviews

  33. Who Supports NYBI? • Corporate • Multi National • SMEs (Associations) e.g. NGOs & Educational Institutions • Business Individuals/ Angels

  34. NYBI Entrepreneurs

  35. NYBI Fundraising Event Corporate Go-Karting Event 2005