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Screen Toaster

Screen Toaster

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Screen Toaster

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  1. Screen Toaster A Web 2.0 Tool • By: Christian Madsen Connor Lyles Sam Bishop

  2. What is Screen Toaster? Screen Toaster is a web 2.0 tool that records movies on your screen. Its free to use and it works very well. Screen Toaster is very user friendly and you don’t have to struggle to get it working. All you have to do is make your account. The account is also free to make.

  3. Screen Toaster’s Awesome Features • User friendly hotkeys and controls. • Can be saved directly as a .mov file. • Can be downloaded directly to You Tube or Screen Toaster. • You have personalization of your capture such as audio, webcam, and playback speed. • It’s FREE!!! • No download required to start recording you can get your account and start your first recording in less than five minutes!

  4. Video Tutorial of Screen Toaster Tutorial Video

  5. How do You Record a Video? • Press start record if you want to record. Then you press the start record option or change settings. Once you are done recording you press stop recording.

  6. What do You do when you are Finished Recording? Once you are done you can preview your video, edit the video, upload it to either screen toaster or YouTube, or save it as a .mov file or a .swf file.

  7. FAQ’s About Screen Toaster Which navigator may I use for Screen Toaster? It runs on Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7, Chrome, Opera 9, and Safari. What platform is it compatible for? Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X, and Linux. Is Screen Toaster free? Yes, both the account and the video capturing is free. What do I do if I find a bug? Screen Toaster is continually developing and we are trying to make our site better every day. Please report any bugs you find while using Screen Toaster to

  8. User’s Comments “For the educators and people who want to create actual screen action for orientation purposes, Veodia makes life easier with the acquisiting of Screen Toaster, a free browser-based service designed to capture screen activity along with audio for playback in flash players. The screen capture option is truly something that can make the jobs of presenters and teachers easier. Rather than resort to manual means, they can simply do it privately and then play it back once events and meetings are officially held. Also, it can make a great teaching module for people who have turned to flash technology to do it. Though flash technology means a lot of twists and turns before proper delivery is met, Screen Toaster makes it easier just like capturing screen actions as you do it which makes following each procedure easier for the audience you are catering to.” -Veodia

  9. More User’s Comments “Screen Toaster is a free tool available which will instantly allow you to record your screen. Basically it just records what you are doing on screen into a video file which can be played back and shared later. This is 100% free and is 100% awesome as I have tested it out.”-Jowki

  10. Credits “Jowki”. "ScreenToaster”. 9 Sep. 2009 <>. "Veodia” 9 Sep. 2009 <>.