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Central Park

the arts and sciences of play. a family celebration of play in. Central Park. October 3, 2010 11am – 5pm. Our Vision. Bringing Play, Learning & Research Together. the arts and sciences of play. Where the science of learning meets old fashioned play.

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Central Park

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  1. the arts and sciences of play a family celebration of play in Central Park October 3, 2010 11am – 5pm

  2. Our Vision Bringing Play,Learning & Research Together the arts and sciences of play • Where the science of learning meets old fashioned play • Connecting play to scientific and artistic achievements • Smiles, brains-on-fire, and creativity that will drive our country’s future • A forum to bring play, research and learning to families • Children learning in their natural habitat with their families in Central Park

  3. the arts and sciences of play Our Goal Making the Science and Learning of Play Part of Every Family’s Life • To build a public groundswell about the importance of play for fostering lifelong learning in the sciences and the arts • To create a sustainable national infrastructure about play and learning beyond the launch event

  4. Who will the Ultimate Block Party reach? From hundreds of thousands in New York City to millions worldwide the arts and sciences of play the arts and sciences of play Central Park will be the first communal meeting ground for: • Families • Educators • Pediatricians, social workers, psychologists, family therapists • Health professionals • Reporters and journalists • Urban planners

  5. Why have the Ultimate Block Party? the arts and sciences of play the arts and sciences of play • From blocks to architecture, scribbling to painting, and sandbox to boardroom, the skills that prepare successful adults emerge in the play of young children. • Hands-on activities demonstrate the transformative power of play for learning throughout childhood. • It's about BECOMING! All the things children want to be when they grow up – from the next Einstein to the next Picasso – are foreshadowed in their play! • Families want to know why play matters and how they can play together.

  6. why NOW ? the arts and sciences of play the arts and sciences of play Play is a child’s natural way to learn and grow Play is being removed from everyday life … beginning as early as preschool …and our future depends on the children of today

  7. Who is developing the Block Party? Who will the Ultimate Block Party reach? the arts and sciences of play the arts and sciences of play UBP is led by an advisory group of prominent institutions and individuals in early learning, psychology, play, publishing and family and work issues including researchers from leading universities: • Dr. Ellen Galinsky, Family and Work Institute • Dr. Alice Wilder, Educational Psychologiest and co-creator of Blues Clues, Super Why and Think It Ink It • Dr. Rosemarie Truglio, Sesame Workshop Research Director • Joan Almon, Director, Alliance for Childhood …to name a few The executive team of UBP includes: • Andrew Ackerman, Executive Director, Children’s Museum of Manhattan • Leslie Bushara, Deputy Director of Education Children’s Museum of Manhattan • Dr. Kathy Hirsh-Pasek, Temple University • Dr. Roberta Golinkoff, University of Delaware • Susan Magsamen, author, creator of Curiosity Kits and FamilyStories • Nancy Barthold, City of New York Parks and Recreation • Central Park

  8. the arts and sciences of play The UBP will make learning visible: The ONLY Block Party that combines dozens of activity areas for kids 3 and older with experts to help the adults see how play = learning

  9. What’s on the Block? the arts and sciences of play 30 Play Stations &30 Mini-Master Workshops Drawing Blocks Collage Make Believe Pots & Pans Clay Cooking Deconstruct Balls Doll Play Dress Up Storytelling Games = Graphic Designer = Architect = Artist = Actor = Musician = Engineer, Sculptor = Chemist, Scientist = Computer Scientist = Athlete = Nurse = Fashion Design = Writer = Business Person, Military

  10. Making the connections between Play and Science the arts and sciences of play Parents, educators, policy-makers and children will be engaged in the science of play, where the connection between science and learningwill be playfully demonstrated. EQUALS

  11. the arts and sciences of play Realizing the Goal Scientific ‘nuggets’ about learning will be revealed at each activity center. Links between science and art will be vividly illustrated through playful activities. Examples include: Paper folding links to spatial learning Simon Says links to self control Boat building links to hypothesis testing Theater links to perspective talking Music training links to math

  12. A Healthy Block Party Play is critical to mental and physical health the arts and sciences of play • Stress reduction • Relaxation • Depression • Emotional and social • development • Creative thinking • Mood disorders • Relationships • General well-being • Team-building • Healthy eating • Sleep

  13. Ultimate Block Party Messages • Playing is Learning the arts and sciences of play • Childhood is a Journey • Dare to Fail • Foster a Lifetime of Discovery & • Curiosity • Creative Children = Creative futures

  14. What Communications Tools will the Messaging Campaign Employ? the arts and sciences of play • Interactive Ultimate Block PartyWebsite • Booksincluding informational and inspirational titles • Magazinefeatures and ongoing columns • Televisionandradioprogramming • Educationalwebinars • Workshopsfor parents and educators • Year-roundfollow-up programsin parks and cultural organizations

  15. How Will We Get the Word Out? the arts and sciences of play • Combined power of UBP partners reaching out to the press • Media partners to carry pre- and post-event messages • National spokespeople and • researchers available • Low-cost marketing on • telephone kiosks & public • buses

  16. the arts and sciences of play How BIG can the Block Party Get?! Beginning in New York City, the Ultimate Block Party will roll out nationally to become an annual event in towns and cities around the U.S. and world The first Ultimate Block Party in New York City will result in a detailed blueprint for creating Ultimate Block Parties in other places, and a website of resources

  17. The Party Line the arts and sciences of play Sponsors Will: • Be leaders in helping families help their children • Be linked to positive, fun messages in multiple formats • Be afforded year-round visibility beyond the one-day event Sponsors can participate by: • Cash sponsorships • Significant in-kind donations • Significant in-kind expertise Founding Sponsor: $250,000 Activity Sponsors: $50,000 Presenting Sponsor: $125,000 Master Sponsor: $25,000 Play Sponsors: $75,000 Outreach Sponsor: $10,000

  18. The time isNOWfor us tostand up and playtogether! the arts and sciences of play

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