you can make a difference in your community n.
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You Can Make a Difference in Your community PowerPoint Presentation
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You Can Make a Difference in Your community

You Can Make a Difference in Your community

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You Can Make a Difference in Your community

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  1. You Can Make a Difference in Your community By: Jennifer Tanner

  2. Look what these kids have done. They are a sixth grade class at Morningside Elementary. They call themselves Team H.O.P.E.

  3. When the students were not let outside for recess because of air quality standards they decided to do something about it.

  4. Students went on capital Hill and talked to their legislators about clean air issues.

  5. Students talking to legislator.

  6. Students were part of Utah moms for clean air press conference.

  7. Students held anti-idling campaigns at seven schools to help reduce pollution.

  8. Kids had kate Lilja from Idle Free Utah come and talk to them about their campaign. She donated signs and stickers to help them.

  9. Because students were so successful with their anti-idling campaigns, Utah Clean Cities held their press conference at Morningside Elementary.

  10. At the press conference students demonstrated a car approach which they educated drivers about unnecessary car idling.

  11. Representative Carol Spackman-Moss told students they could make a difference in their community and offered to sponsor a non-binding resolution.

  12. Students decided to take a stand and write a non-binding resolution for clean air.

  13. With the help of an attorney and Utah Clean Cities, Students wrote a non-binding resolution.

  14. They went to the capitol to address the house committee meeting. They presented a video and reasons to vote for their non-binding resolution.

  15. Students returned to the Capitol to address the senate committee.

  16. Students in the Senate committee meeting patiently waiting to give their presentation.

  17. The House and the Senate vote in favor of the anti-idling resolution.

  18. Governor Herbert Signs H.J.R. 5 joint resolution on clean air in a ceremonial signing.

  19. People magazine heard about the students and came to Utah to take their picture.

  20. People magazine ran a article for earth day they were told they had made a difference in their community.

  21. “We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” - Mahatma Gandhi

  22. You can make a difference in your community! This song was written and sung by a sixth grader. Thanks!!!!