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Huawei Enterprise

Huawei Enterprise

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Huawei Enterprise

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  1. Huawei Enterprise Huawei Higher Education Solutions Transforming Education Through ICT Innovation

  2. Education CIO Careabouts Huawei Education Solutions Vision Huawei Education Solutions & Use Cases Agenda

  3. Who is Huawei? • Huawei Business: • Leading global ICT solutions provider • Serving 45 of the world’s top 50 telecom operators • Deployed in over 140 countries, serving 1/3 of the world's population • Main contributor of industry standards • Huawei USA: • Huawei North America regional office established in 2001 • 13 branch offices and 8 R&D locations • Made $6.1B in purchases from U.S. based companies in 2010 • Invested $263M in US R&D in 2011 – Shaping generations of new Huawei products, solutions and architecture • 1500+ U.S. employees $ 32.4 B CAGR: 22% $ 28 B $ 21.8 B $18.3 B $12.8 B Continuously creating long-term value for customers 2011 2007 2008 2009 2010 Sales Revenue (USD in billions)

  4. Education CIOs are under Huge Pressure BUDGET SECURITY SPEED OF TECNOLOGY Be Risk Averse! LEAD & DIFFERENTIATE FUTURE OF EDUCATION Innovate More! University Partner Students Education Board Researchers Teachers Ecosystem

  5. Today’s Education CIO Careabouts ECONOMIC TECHNOLOGICAL STRATEGIC Scaling network when adopting new trends like BYOD and Distance education Supporting IT consumerization Single strategy to optimize the efficiency of IT assets Continuously innovating for new service Maximize on IT investment Utilize emerging trends like cloud services

  6. The New Education Environment The Integrated Campus EXTENDED MOBILE VIRTUAL Can you afford dedicated hardware and software for every person, in every environment, all the time? Can you identify who won’t be mobile in your education environment? Will all of your IT services happen within your own IT environment?

  7. Huawei Education Solutions Vision Transforming Education through ICT Innovation • Focused solutions for next generation learning environment • Collaborative, Open, Distributed • Help CIO/IT balance cost efficiency with valuable new service deployment • Increase IT profile and value • Leverage global best practices CONSUMER CLOUD ENTERPRISE CARRIER

  8. Huawei Solutions for Education Transforming Education Through ICT Innovation Cloud Engine Data Center Storage ICT Convergence 10G Campus Network UC&C Strategic Economical Technological Core Router NE40E Firewall Eudemon Cloud CC UC VC/TP Full SSD SAN NAS CSS 40GE/10GE Core Layer S12800/S9700 CE12812 CE12808 CE12804 CSS 10GE Aggregation layer S9700/S9300/S7700 Eco-system, Joint Innovation, Partners Page 8

  9. Enterprise Products and Solutions Unified eSight Network Management Green Data Center Network NMS Immersive Video Conferencing & Telepresence Finance HQ Reliable WAN & IP + Optical Backbone R&D Branch Sales Ubiquitous Branch Access Flexible Campus Network S9300 S7700 Branch & Core Router LAN Switch Security & Storage Transmission & Access VC & Telepresence BTS Eudemon 200E-X/ 1000E-X/8000E MCU8650/8660 TP1002/3006/3106 S1700 /S2700/S3700/ S5700/S6700 SAN/NAS/VTL AR G3 RTN 910/950 OSN 1800/8800 NE40E-X1/X3/X8/X16

  10. UC&C Case: Portland State University • Requirements • Web Conferencing Solution • Multi media classroom for remote education • Solution • Huawei i-Meeting solution to provide web conferencing for faculty, student and staff across all campus departments and colleges • Customer benefit: • Improve teaching resources utilization • Enhance quality and efficiency for distance education • Lower TCO

  11. UC&C Case: Large US Community College • Requirements • HD Video conferencing system for 9 sites • Multi media classroom for remote education • Integrated with MS Outlook • Solution • HD Video Conferencing: Management Platform, MCU, VP9000 HD and Telepresence products, Recording and streaming Server • E-learning system: i-Meeting system for remote access • Customer benefit: • Improved teaching resources utilization • Improve quality and efficiency for distance education • Significantly saved time for travelling between campuses • Lowered TCO

  12. Storage Case: A University in Tennessee • Cooperation Scope: • High Performance Computing • High Bandwidth Requirement and 1 PB Data Capacity • Solution: NAS N8000 • Customer benefit: • Superb I/O performance, shorten computing time, achieve higher bandwidth than 4.8GB/s. • Great storage capacity, ease of expansion for increasing business of the future. • Centralized-management, simple maintenance. • No single-point failure. Up and running in long-term, to guarantee HPC computing business.

  13. Joint Innovation Case: MIT Media Lab • Leading communications research consortia • $35M research program with 350+ projects • 30 years developing collaboration systems • 80+ partners and sponsors • MIT uses Huawei Video Conferencing solution enabling parties to participate via PC/MAC and iPad in TP calls • Reality Reconfigured: New project in discussion • Semantic understanding of Telepresence system and participants augmenting and reconfiguring the environments to support greater awareness and richer collaborations.

  14. Storage Case: A College in Los Angeles • Cooperation Scope: • Database and Applications • Application Optimization • Solution: SAN S5500T • Customer benefit: • Best cost-effective storage • High reliability • Fully meet the requirements in database scenario

  15. Campus LAN Case: So Cal University • Soka Requirements • Campus access layer refresh with POE • Firewall consolidation into one device • Solution • S5710 LI with POE, iStack and 10G uplinks • E1000 X3 with 5Gbps throughput with role based bandwidth policy • Customer benefit: • High availability architecture utilizing industry leadership Intelligent Stack technology • Green switches with lower energy consumptions than industry average • Lowered TCO

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