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For Business

For Business

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For Business

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  1. For Business Or Pleasure You can always count on the gracious hospitality of The Holiday Inn Express & Suites, Riverport Richmond

  2. BLINK Here are some quick facts Do not What ever you do

  3. 105 Guestrooms GUARANTEED Many Options! You are GUARANTEED So, what does that mean? Suites & Kitchens

  4. Only minutes from: Which means you are You are closer than you think

  5. BC’s Many Shopping Malls & Districts SO many Stores Downtown Metropolitan Approximate time: 10-28 Minutes

  6. Downtown Vancouver Urban Business Center Stanley Park Chic Shops Nightlife Approximate time: 25 minutes

  7. As the Old Chinese proverb goes… You are within steps of it all “A journey of 1000 miles begins with one step.” Let’s take that first step

  8. Within steps of… Ice Rinks, Bowling, Movies, Swimming and much much more ! Restaurants, Pubs, Coffee, Spaghetti, Subs Riverport Entertainment Complex

  9. “Thank you very much for arranging such a nice room, with a SPA for us in February. We had a great time! This is the first time I personally have stayed in your hotel, so now I know why everyone we put up there from out of province raves about the experience.” “Thanks to all the staff at the Holiday Inn Express Suites, what truly outstanding service and hospitality they provide. This place represents everything wonderful about having kind, loving neighbors and hosts. Fall in love with Canada right here!” Mike writes… Don’t just take our word for it Shannon writes

  10. Richmond, Vancouver, YVR Close to it all

  11. The friendly places… The variety of cuisine… Lest we forget the fine cuisine! (I hope your not hungry!)

  12. Our NEW Hotel & Suites Our Suites, Kitchens, Spa and King Studio Guestrooms Our High Tech Meeting Rooms Our amazing Fitness Center A SpectacularSuite Choice The Holiday Inn Express Hotel & Suites, Riverport Richmond. With a Pool and Hot tub!